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Swine flu – Could vitamin D provide your best protection?


According to an article in today’s Sunday Star Times article “Swine flu wave in ‘Yet to Peak’ in New Zealand” – “A SECOND wave of the swine flu pandemic sweeping the country is gaining momentum and is yet to peak.

Despite the World Health Organisation declaring the world to be in a post-pandemic phase, that’s not the case in New Zealand.

Some schools are reporting record absences, businesses such as hairdressers and dentists are experiencing more than usual the number of appointment cancellations, and hospitals are having higher than normal admissions, though other areas have so far been relatively untouched by the virus.” read the rest here

The Vitamin D Council has some really interesting case studies where populations taking Vitamin D have been almost untouched by the virus, even while there is an outbreak surrounding them.

Here is one doctors experience:
“I share an office with another family physician. I aggressively measure and replete vitamin D. He does not. He is seeing one to 10 cases per week of influenza-like illness.

In my practice— I have had zero cases. My patients are universally on 2000–5000 IU to maintain serum levels 50–80 ng/ml.” (125 – 200nmol/L)

Ellie Campbell, DO Campbell Family Medicine 3925 Johns Creek Court Ste A Suwannee GA 30024

Read more on this and other cases here:
Vitamin D Council, H1N1 and Vitamin D protection

Countless studies are now showing that keeping your vitamin D levels above 80nmol/L provides protection against viruses, yet very New Zealand doctors are monitoring or recommending Vitamin D to patients. People most at risk of dying from Swine flu are those with underlying health conditions such as asthma, and these people benefit most from Vitamin D supplements.

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