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Paleo Daughter's brunch

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My 14 year old daughter has finally emerged from her bed at 11.30 (school holidays and teenage hood). She’s doing her best to eat well, to trim down a little. My daughter is very active, plays club soccer and waterpolo, and has a very healthy appetite. I was intrigued to see the meal she put together for herself – here’s a picture, sorry about the quality- by the time I downloaded it the meal had been eaten!

The red soup is Borscht, a family favourite, left over from dinner, made from beef – I use bones and cook for a couple of hours  in water before adding grated carrots, sliced cabbage and grated beetroot, plus garlic, dill, lemon juice and beef stock – very easy and yummy. A bit more protein just for variety – mussels and tuna. Fresh vegetables – carrot and cucumber sticks. Fresh fruit – apple, grapes. Healthy fats- macadamia nuts. A treat – a few slices of tinned peach. The bottles have fish oil supplement. And a glass of water.


  1. What a great selection. It looks like you’ve taught her well! Thanks very much for your comments on my blog, very helpful indeed. You’ve helped me make up my mind about not going back onto statins. I think the years and years I have spent on them have already caused a lot of damage, no sense in making it worse.

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