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‘A Vegan No More’ A moving account of one woman’s choice to eat animal foods after being vegan for 3.5 years


Tasha, who has the blog Voracious and who describes herself as “a food loving, feminist, globe trotting political scientist, with three silly dogs, two spoiled cats, one mischievous horse, and one amazingly sweet husband. I really do love everything about food; thinking about it, writing about it, talking about it, cooking it, and most of all eating it!” writes an honest and moving account of her choice to reintroduce animal products into her diet for health reasons after being a vegan for 3.5 years.

Tasha also tackles the ethical and environmental questions related to the choice to eat meat.

For an insight into her point of view when she first became a vegan see her first post on Voracious Vegan
I Am Whole “Being a Vegan is one of the most powerful aspects of my life. It is central to everything that is me, and all of my ideals and hopes and aspirations radiate from it….”

Tasha writes:

“Many of you know that I have recently been struggling for the first time in my life with health problems. When I discovered that my problems were a direct result of my vegan diet I was devastated.  2 months ago, after learning the hard way that not everyone is capable of maintaining their health as a vegan, I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life and gave up veganism and returned to eating an omnivorous diet. My health immediately returned. This experience has been humbling, eye-opening, and profoundly transformative. To hear the whole story just keep reading…”

A Vegan No More

Follow – up interview, Feb 6th 2011



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