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Paleo testimonial "I feel that I’ve found the secret to youth!"


Liz is a client who has just finished a 6 week paleo eating trial, I’ve been hearing about her progress, and now she has finished she has written of her experience and results. Thank you Liz. (I just get so thrilled hearing people’s results, I love my job / hobby / passion!)

Paleo Testimony – Liz

Age 42
Skin folds 8.Oct.2010: bicep10mm , tricep 21mm, subscap 30mm, suprilliac 18mm
29.Nov. 2010: bicep10mm , tricep 18mm, subscap 22mm, suprilliac 14mm
Weight loss 3.5kg,
Waist before 89cm, after 86cm
Blood pressure 139/ 88, After 120/ 79

Diet pre trial: Gluten free, food pyramid

“I was on Julianne’s email list and started reading the testimonies coming through of people and their successes on the Paleo Diet. [Here] What caught my attention was the fantastic results people were getting with their blood pressure.  Mine has caused me a few problems over the last few years despite being fit and supposedly eating a healthy diet.

My initial response was it all looked a bit too hard and so I kept ignoring it.  But more emails would come through with more testimonies and I felt that I needed to give it a go.

Prior to Paleo I was on a gluten free diet.  I had various food intolerances and so gluten free had really helped in the short term.  I was some what discouraged though as despite exercising around 5 times a week, eating healthy I often didn’t feel as great as I felt I should – low energy, a sense of blah.  Often I would go for a run and come home feeling totally knackered.  I would eat a meal of for example buckwheat pancakes and afterwards just feel lousy, low energy, so I knew I needed to do something else.

From day one of going Paleo I had immediate results.  I immediately felt clearer and brighter. No brain fog. It really made me feel more settled and happier.

Almost immediately I noticed that all my clothes were looser.  The difference with exercise has been amazing.  I already exercised around 5 times a week (jogging, walking, pilates).  I discovered eating this way gave me so much more energy for my workouts.  When I came home from my ½ hour run I no longer felt a complete wipe out.  In fact within 5 minutes I felt like I wondered if I’d even been for a run.

My pilates teacher has noticed the difference, in my body shape but also my performance. She does quite a hard class and I’m finding it a lot easier and more enjoyable than I use to.  Again my recovery from a class is very quick, instead of feeling slightly jaded for a few hours.

A lot of people have commented on my “glowing” skin.  I already had pretty healthy skin but now it glows.  It’s a good feeling at almost 42 to have such great skin.

I’ve also noticed I haven’t got any hayfever now.

I’ve lost 3.5kg but I’ve also lost a lot of cms and body fat.  So all my clothes are a lot looser.  In fact I’ve always thought of myself as a size 14 but the other day I had to go out and buy a size 12 pair of shorts. Wahoo.

I have to admit adjusting to this way of eating was a bit of a pain, especially if you run out of the right food – but I’m used to it now and its well worth the effort.  Sometimes I’ve given myself a treat of a piece of cake or something.  Instantly my tummy bloats up, the energy goes and I feel uptight – so there really seems very little point to eat that way.

The greatest thing has been my reduction in BP.  I have a home digital monitor and although every reading hasn’t been fantastic I have started getting readings like 120/79 – which is unheard of for me – optimal blood pressure.  My doctor has always been threatening me that I’ll have to go back on blood pressure pills (I was on them when I was pregnant) but I’ve always vowed and declared to myself that there was another way of combating this – a more natural way.

I feel that I’ve found the secret to youth!  It’s really a remarkable feeling. I’m very grateful for the advice and input that Julianne has given me whilst on this trial.  Now it’s over there is no way I’m giving up on Paleo eating.   This is it for me now – Paleo and me all the way.”

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