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Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint) in NZ Herald

Mark Sisson

Mark Sissons Primal Blueprint cookbook has made the Physicians Committee for

Mark Sisson

Responsible Medicine’s list of 5 worst cookbooks:

The Primal Blueprint, meanwhile, “sets back evidence-based nutrition nearly two million years. It includes “a section of cholesterol-laden recipes for offal – entrails and internal organs”.

The Primal diet is a Paleolithic diet – yes the very same diet that transformed the lives of Flaxmere Maori http://www.3news.co.nz/Randells-revolution/tabid/371/articleID/164713/Default.aspx and the health and lives of many of my clients: here, here, my mothers health and my own health and weight. And never have I been able to maintain a lean body so easily than I can on this type of eating plan, despite the fact I now eat a fair amount of (healthy) fat.

I for one will keep spreading the word, despite my conventional nutrition qualification. The recommendations of our government with its 6 + serves of grains per day do not give people health and weight loss results any where close to eating a pre-agricultural diet.

My suggestion, if you want to have the health and body of Mark Sisson, now in his late 50’s, buy the book, follow the diet and lifestyle!

P.S. See Jamie’s comment below – The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, is not what they seem. See this too PCRM 4foodgroups_poster


  1. great post, wish i could embed that video. it is great. would love to hear the whole grain, low fat folks talk their way out of that one.

  2. LOL, lovely shot of Mark there.

    I like the Primal Blueprint diet as it is quite forgiving if you can’t get it down pat first off. I manage about 80% paleo, and have lost weight and feel great in my 40’s. Hope I look as good as Mark in 10 years time.

  3. I think this will be the first book for my new Kindle.. but, are there more pictures?? 😀
    I just found your blog by accident when I was researching morbid obesity (you must have mentioned it somewhere). I’m a kiwi too, in Chch and am doing the Massey Grad Cert Sci Tech in Nutritional Science, which I think is the one you did. I’m thinking about Dietetics, but am 95% sure I’d lose my registration for making unapproved paleo recommendations. I got into a bit of an argument with a lecturer in my second year about the necessity of 6 serves of grain a day.

    • Hi Sara,
      Yes this was the course I did. What have you done prior to this? Really nice to hear of another person who is looking at paleo and a nutritionist in NZ.
      I can’t morally tell people to eat grains at all any more. I’ve been working in nutrition for 12 years and would never go back to telling people to eat grains, now that I’ve seen the results people have without them. I’d love to go back and do my Masters now that I have this nutrition focus. Might make for some interesting debate, given my point of view now.
      Check out Jamie’s Website too – he is another NZ nutritionist and works in the corporate area. http://thatpaleoguy.blogspot.com

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