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Great results last 30 day Paleo challenge. Next one starts 23rd Feb, Auckland


If you haven’t yet taken the leap – it’s time don’t you think?

Here’s what happened for three participants in last year’s 30 day Paleo challenge:

Weight loss: 6.7kg, Hips: lost 12 cm, Waist: lost 5cm

“Paleo eating has totally transformed the way I think about food and eating. Once I got my head around what I should and shouldn’t have it was really easy to make good choices. Even though there is a lot of information to take on board, having an understanding of how your body works and the effects of what you eat has on you (over and above just the usual getting fat and having a heart attack) was a huge help. Understanding why you feel tired, hungry, bloated etc. and being able to relate that to when and what you were eating made sense to me.

I had always thought I had eaten relatively healthy and just struggled with eating too much. I was wrong. By eating the Paleo way the weight is steadily dropping off and I am feeling so good overall. My chronic back pain has dramatically reduced during this challenge.

Whilst I was on Paleo I went through an incredibly stressful time which was very hard to reduce or change. I still made improvements in my wellbeing through this. Looking back I really think that without Paleo and CrossFit I would have really struggled to get through it all in one piece!

The understanding I had of myself prior to Paleo eating made being healthy and losing weight a bit like trying to go for a run in wooden clogs, painful. So thanks Julianne, I know have made a change for life.”

Weight loss 3 kg

“I wanted an easy diet plan that allowed me to eat without measuring my food or worrying about what time of the day I should eat or counting calories.

After the first meeting I was shocked with some of the information and took it all on board.  I talked with some people who work and study within the science field and they all told me to be careful and thoroughly research and check the academics of this type of programme.  So I did, and I also read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.  The more I researched the more I came to the conclusion that the science behind Paleo is more substantial and more sound than most other sciences but it is not readily advertised.  Then I read the phrase in The Paleo Solution that made sense.  Try it for 30 days, there is nothing to lose, you either get healthy and live better, or nothing changes and you go back to the way you were living and you only lose a month of your life.  So I thought I might as well give it a go.

I am amazed at the results that have happened over the course of 30 days. I have more energy which has enabled me to increase my intensity while training.  My fitness overall has improved and my recovery is much faster. I am feeling better and the weight is falling off me.

I found that I could be healthy and lean without having to systematically time my eating and measure my food.  By removing some “bad” foods such as grains, I could eat all the foods I really love in abundance and still achieve my desired results.  All by eating the way our bodies are genetically programmed.”

Tracy, Age 46

“When I first started the 30 Day Paleo challenge I was a bit hesitant in the fact that I had to give up bread, and thought to myself this is going to be way too hard. I decided to keep strict to the diet for at least a week to see if I could manage it.  I was surprised that not only did I keep to it I actually lost 2Kg in weight. I carried on for the rest of the challenge and had more energy and determination to succeed than I thought I would. It is a big change but the body seems to adjust and you reap the benefits.

At the end of the challenge I was even more surprised to find I had lost another 2Kg (so 4Kg altogether) and my measurements had reduced as follows:
Largest part of thigh 2 ½  inches (6.5cm) on each leg (a problem area)
Waist 2 inches (5cm).

I was ecstatic with the results and would fully recommend Paleo not only for weight loss but also for well being.”

I’d love you to join us on the next challenge. It starts with a 2 hour seminar, Feb 23rd, 2011, at 6.00pm CrossFit Auckland Albany, North Shore. If you are anywhere near the area – do participate. A followup support meeting will be held 2 weeks later, plus you get my unlimited support by email or phone for the duration.

The challenge is for you – it is not a competition. It is designed so that you take on the eating in a way that is in line with your genetic heritage for 30 days, in order that you experience the difference it could make for you.

Can’t come to Auckland, but live in New Zealand and want to participate? I suggest you purchase Robb Wolf’s easy to digest “The Paleolithic Solution” (I’ll throw in my free 20 page guide as well) and join in. I’ll send you a before questionnaire, and you can do your own challenge. Zone shop – New Zealand

Contact me – 09 3781573 to book your place.

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