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Dr Terry Wahls reverses her own Multiple Sclerosis with hunter gatherer nutrition


Auto-immune disease and paleo diets, another truly remarkable story. I couldn’t resist posting this, as I have a thing about the power of diet and auto-immune  conditions. This talk is  inspiring in that Dr Terry Wahls worked out how to reverse her own debilitating Multiple Sclerosis. Dr Wahls was almost completely bed-bound, and is now able to walk unassisted. She designed a nutrition programme to provide an exceptionally high nutrient content, to specifically look after her mitochondria, brain and nerve cells. It is also devoid of anti-nutrients and auto-immune provoking foods such as grains.

In this video Dr Wahls outlines her search, her discoveries and the specific eating plan she follows. Whether you are healthy or have an auto-immune disease, I recommend you try this plan to improve your health.

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More about Dr Wahls and her treatment plan for MS is on her website. http://www.terrywahls.com/



  1. Love this. Especially the long view she takes and the incremental improvements month by month. In the past 10 months I’ve seen vast improvements in my ra, but my resolve had been weakening. So that’s it, throwing out those “gluten-free” rice chips I just bought today. They taste good, but there’s no denying I have more joint pain when I eat things like that. Heaping plates of greens and broccoli and all the other good paleo fare it is!

    • It is interesting that rice chips affect you. Sadly gluten free diets just don’t cut it if you want to be free of auto-immune disease. All seeds have protective mechanisms – ‘plant babies’ do not want to be eaten! I noticed Dr Wahls does a complete auto-immune paleo diet, and only eats vegetables, colourful fruit and meats. No grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, or dairy.

      • My particular ra, at least currently, seems to be very finicky. When I stick to a very strict paleo diet, including eggs but not even the occasional cheat of chocolate or anything w/dairy, I have virtually no pain or stiffness. Happily basked in that state for about 6 months – low SED and crp throughout. Then had food poisoning (chicken on a stick in a less than reputable bar), which messed with my gut in a long-term way. And as I’ve tried to broaden the diet a bit (lost a fair amount of weight on paleo and have been looking for ways to stabilize that), I’ve had pain and stiffness recur. So it’s all ongoing self-experimentation, with the stakes slightly higher for those of us with autoimmune diseases!

  2. Hello Julianne, Another interesting article! I have cured arthritis using a predominantly grain-free diet and what’s interesting is that at the age of 37 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips. This is supposed to be irreversible. A very interesting point for people going ‘gluten free’ to help their joint pain is that nightshades can accelerate joint degeneration (through slowing down cartilage replenishment) and gluten free products nearly always contain POTATO flour. It took me four months of avoiding nightshades to be symptom free. I am still mostly grain free, but I am mastering the art of sprouting/fermenting/cooking. Nightshades I only eat when I’m on holiday and can’t avoid them. I fully believe that a number of apparently irreversible diseases are caused by modern diet and I’m walking proof of it. It was scary to be told at 37 that I was heading toward hip replacement….

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