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I chat to Jimmy Moore on LLVLC show


Here is a link to my chat with Jimmy – a wonderful host and such an easy person to talk to.

Jimmy Moore, Julianne Taylor interview


I talked about a number of topics:

  • Why food quality is critical and trumps low carb or macronutrient ratios (e.g. Zone Diet)
  • “Carb Sweet Spot”, my views on finding the amount of carbs that work for you
  • Where I part ways with Dr Sears Zone Diet
  • Why mega dosing with omega 3 fish oil may not be a good idea
  • Auto-immune issues and paleo diet
  • Menstrual issues and paleo
  • Vitamin D – is it safe to push your levels really high with supplements?
  • Nutritional analysis of Durianrider / Harley Johnston’s 30 bananas a day, raw vegan/ fruit diet

Thanks Jimmy for having me on the show.

P.S. In case you missed it – check out the other NZ Paleo Nutritionist interviewed by Jimmy, my friend Jamie Scott:



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