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Fish allergy and rheumatoid arthritis- OmegaRx and gluten free auto-immmune paleo diet to the rescue


I found this very interesting so this is just a quick post to share.

I saw a new client last week, a woman with Rheumatoid arthritis. My immediate recommendation was a strict gluten free auto-immune paleo diet that included a lot of fish and seafood, as the omega 3 in seafood is highly anti-inflammatory and has shown to be of benefit for those with RA. By the way – in a consultation, I explain in detail why this diet is recommended, and why and how grains – in particular gluten grains trigger and contribute to auto-immune disease in genetically vulnerable people. Having the science outlined in an understandable way makes such a difference to compliance.

Here by the way are some amazing stories from a few people who have had a remission in their RA by eating a paleo diet:




And this is from a New Zealander:


The problem with eating seafood for this client is that she had a severe allergy – just a tiny bit would give her anaphylaxis, and possibly kill her. As it is the protein in the fish that people react to – not the fat, I was curious if she reacted to fish oil capsules. Yes – every one she tried had given her a reaction. She tests them by squeezing just a drop onto her tongue. She usually gets tingling and swelling and is unwell for several hours.

Although algae DHA is an option – there is little of the anti-inflammatory EPA in most of these oils. I suggested she try Dr Barry Sears OmegaRx. It is highly purified and Sears has it doesn’t contain any fish protein. It is also  batch tested with IFOS for purity and oxidation. Many off the shelf fish oils when tested have unacceptable levels of oxidation. (Note in the interests of openness – I do import and sell this product online, see shop link to right)

Anyhow, this client emailed today – “I have exciting news to tell you!” When I rang she updated me. First–  the paleo diet has started to make a dramatic difference. She got up and walked down the hall at home this morning, and it suddenly struck her: Virtually NO PAIN! When I saw her 2 weeks ago she was miserable, and said she sometimes wished the ground would open and swallow her up. She had been improving over the last 2 weeks. She had also tested just a little bit of gluten a few days ago, some crumbed chicken – her pain levels elevated quickly and took a day to recede again. She knows now gluten is not to be touched.

Second: she decided to try the OmegaRx. To do this she needed to be safe, to try it at the doctor’s office, with an ambulance waiting outside. She opened the capsule and squeezed some on her tongue. Nothing. Waited a while for a delayed reaction – still nothing! Just to be sure she hadn’t become tolerant of fish oil, her doctor gave her a capsule out of another bottle. Sure enough – she started to react, and for the next 6 hours had a tingling and swelling in her mouth and felt unwell. “I can take omega 3 now! I’m so excited! Thank you so much”

The change in her was astounding and heart warming. She was so excited and full of hope with the improvements in such as short space of time.

(For those who are looking out for an answer to my last post – it’s coming, I hope to post in the next couple of days)


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