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Paleo Nutrition Seminar: 11th March Auckland


Paleo Nutrition seminar, scheduled for March 11th. If you are in Auckland and have not yet been to a seminar – I invite you to attend.

The seminar is constantly evolving and I’ve had great feedback with respect to current seminar contents:

Adam Brakey of BrakeFit had this to say after I delivered a seminar to his clients:

“Julianne’s presentation exceeded my expectations, she astounded my athlete’s with her in depth explanations and insights. It is not often that you meet some one who has a passion & strong belief with what they do. Julianne is one of those people and I congratulate her and the work she does. It has had a profound effect on myself and those of my athlete’s. The presentation itself was an even spread of science with application to everyday life and performance. Even after the seminar was over, if I or my athlete’s had a question, she would go out of her way to give the answer via text, email or smoke signal. It was my pleasure and that of my athlete’s to host, listen and learn from Julianne. There are plenty of challenges throughout the year, more athlete’s to teach, Julianne will be my first port of call for teaching healthy living with Nutrition.”

Kind Regards

Adam Brakey


Here is the outline of the 2.5 hour Paleo Seminar:

Paleo Science:

  • What 7 major ways does today’s diet differs from the diet that best suits our genes.
  • The consequences of eating todays food: Disregulated appetite and overeating, nutrient deficiences, gut issues and auto-immune disease, metabolic syndrome,  inflammation and diseases of aging, poor athletic performance.
  • I explain how and why modern foods cause these problems
  • How and why our ancient brain cannot deal with the modern food environment.
  • How does our modern diet cause problems with our blood sugar, hormones and appetite regulation, causing overeating and fat gain?
  • What foods and other factors cause gut irritation? How do they cause gut distress and trigger auto-immune disease in vulnerable people?
  • Which fats cause harm and inflammation, which are healthy and which ones to we need more of?
  • The Omega 3 to 6 ratio and how to balance them in your diet
  • Fibre, which type and what foods to eat, role of fibre in your gut.
  • Carbohydrates – how much do you need? Pros and cons of very low carbohydrate diets.
  • Protein – getting what you need for health and appetite control. How much is too much? Best choices and why
  • Understanding the drives of our stone-age brain, and why today’s modern environment will constantly sabotage your efforts.
  • Common mistakes people make when eating a paleo diet

Paleo Eating for health and performance- the how to’s:

  • What foods to must eat to get a high nutrient diet,
  • What are the best protein, fats and carbohydrates to eat and why
  • How much carbohydrate, protein and fat should YOU eat?
  • A guide to portion size for you, taking into account body type and exercise
  • Eating for athletic performance, pre and post workout nutrition
  • What fluids to drink
  • Recommended supplements or food high in those nutrients
  • Lifestyle factors: sun, sleep, and exercise, why they matter – a lot
  • Setting up your enviroment for success

Cost: $45.00 which includes paleo Guidebook.

Monday 11th March, 6.30 – 9.00 pm

Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd

Cost: Just $45.00 (includes Paleo nutrition guidebook)

Please contact me – Julianne to book a space.

09 3781573 or 021 680703. or email on juliannetaylor at xtra dot co dot nz

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