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Fitter, stronger, happier and 28 kg lighter. CrossFit + Paleo


Michelle is a member of CrossFit Auckland, the gym where I was first introduced to CrossFit and the Paleo diet (Thanks to Robb Wolf the CrossFit nutritionist in 2009)

Here is her story:

In January this year I was really unhappy with how I looked and I knew something needed to change. I had booked a 4-week holiday in Europe for August with my best friend. I knew I wanted to look hot in Europe! I did not want to get home and hate how I looked in photos. I was sick of not liking what I saw in the mirror and it really got to my self esteem as then it affected other areas of my life.

Last July I switched from my previous gym to CrossFit Auckland and immediately noticed how quickly my fitness changed. I still wasn’t losing weight though so knew it must be down to my diet and lifestyle. After seeing photos from a friends wedding in January I knew I really had to change my lifestyle if I wanted to see results. Fate stepped in and I saw the CrossFit Auckland Paleo challenge advertised at the Box and signed up on the spot. I had no idea what the Paleo Diet really involved but knew it was what I needed. I gave myself the goal of losing 20kgs by the time I left for Europe which was in seven months time (the challenge started on the 1st of February).

At the end of February I had lost 7.5kgs, and the end of March I had lost 12.5kgs and on the 1st of May I had lost 22kgs. I was so incredibly overwhelmed by this, but the 1st of May 2013 will always stick with me as a hugely important and life changing day, as it was the first day in about seven years that I have not hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. Funnily enough, on the 3rd of May I met my boyfriend Tommy. Fate has a funny way of working – I wasn’t dating nice guys before I met him as I didn’t think I was worth it. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman and he has been so incredibly supportive of my goals and I love that he is proud of me.

On the 1st of June I again got on the scales and took my measurements. I had lost 28kgs. My goal then went to 30kgs, and then 35kgs. I had hit 33kg in weight loss by the 1st of August, and I departed on my month long holiday around Europe on the 10th. After a month off the Paleo diet I am now back and I am more concerned with maintenance now. I am stronger, slimmer, fitter, more confident and happier than I have ever been.

A typical day food wise for me would be a boiled egg and some tomatoes and mushrooms for breakfast with a black coffee, a banana or almonds for morning tea, a salad with either chicken, lamb or steak for lunch, and meat and kumara and salad for dinner. If I felt like a sweet treat, I ordered Paleo treats from Kate’s Kitchen.

My colleagues have been so incredibly supportive with what I am doing which makes such a huge difference as whenever there was a morning tea or anything like that, there would always be a paleo/healthy option for me.

I have lost 13cm from my chest, 5cm from each arm, 20.5cm from my waist, 17.5cm from my hips and 19.5cm from each thigh; with a total weight loss of 33kgs!!!

What a hugely life changing experience joining CrossFit Auckland was! Best thing I have ever done for myself. I do not go to a gym and I am not on a diet. I belong to an amazing community and I have changed my lifestyle. And you know what, I like who I am now! That is a pretty powerful feeling!

michelle before and 4 months later


Michelle Weir, Age – 25



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