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Random giveaway for feedback – Dr Sears Zone OmegaRx high quality omega 3



Awesome give-away from me! Okay – I’m not one to do giveaways and promotions as such, but I want some feedback and opinions. (By end July 4th) So I’m giving away 2 bottles of OmegaRx – this is amazing fish oil omega 3 from Barry Sears. One woman described it recently as “rocket fuel” It is concentrated, purified and batch tested for quality and oxidation levels. It retails at $75.00NZ per 120 caps. So it is a goody!
To be in the running simply let me know what you would like me to address in a blog post, or what information you think is most useful to find out about at a seminar, or what the hardest thing is that you are finding with the paleo diet.   Or – let me know what the biggest mistake you made or confusion you have eating paleo, maybe you are confused about the seeming contradictions.Or just share what changing your diet has done for you – health wise rather than weight loss. I’ll randomly pick from two people who answer meaningfully, and send a bottle off to you.




  1. Hi Julianne, I would like to find out more about how to deal with the challenge of eating healthily when people get annoyed at you for being “picky” or “fussy” or overly worried about food. Also, about the challenge of being triggered to eat food that doesn’t agree with you (for me that’s caffeine and chocolate for example, which cause pain and muscle tension). When you are out and about there are signs for coffee and chocolate and junk food everywhere. I do take my own food with me but I can get triggered even when I am not hungry. Thanks!

    • Same question. I just got back from a weekend with friends and everyone eats high carb foods all the time, candy, cookies, grain based whatever usually fried in vegetable oil, plus dessert (more grains and sugar). Want some? why not? I thought I was being discrete ordering salads minus dressing and skipping toast. But apparently I stood out.

      I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that is rare, ‘unpredictable’, and can attack internal organs. I don’t want to eat foods that maybe fueling this disease and I don’t feel like discussing my health concerns with others.

      I do realize that trying to effect health through diet sounds crazy to most people. And only an idiot would believe that grains may not be healthy for everyone. I get it.

      So how do you handle ‘looking weird’ when on vacation with ‘normal’ people. I don’t feel like ordering pancakes, pastries, fries, anything with a bun, and a soft drink at a lower end restaurant where I can smell the rancid oil from a 100 yards away.

  2. The biggest problem I have with Paleo is feeding my children. With the youngest? No problem. He eats what I eat; but the older two? I call it the “white diet”. They like potatoes, white rice, white bread, white chicken……help.

  3. I have fought with weight issues my whole life, losing weight and gaining it all again, even finding the “Zone” and finally understanding that my weight issues and cravings resulted from the way my body responded to starches with excessive insulin production and consequent fat storage. Finally I was liberated from feeling it was my fault that I couldn’t seem to control how much I ate. But even knowing that didn’t stop me falling off the wagon and not eating in the balance I knew worked for me and the weight went on again. All that time I always felt like life had cheated me because I couldn’t eat what everyone else seemed to eat without consequence. Then a friend talked about paleo and I felt I already knew a lot of the principles but not the finer details of the dangers of seed oils, the pointlessness of wasting carb grams on legumes and grains and the benefits of saturated fats. So I applied the Zone balances and principles of combining macronutrients with absolutely clean eating. And I have never felt better, or sharper or more comfortable (aches and pains are gone), food choices are straightforward and the weight is coming off with a lifestyle I never feel I will “cheat” on. Because I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. For the very first time I feel this will be permanent. I also feel like I have cleaned my gut and this has helped my mood as well, having long suffered from depression I am finally weaning off medication. It has taken a few months to find my balance for weight loss, but when I reach my goal, I know that maintainence will simply be a continuation of something that finally makes sense, a sustainable lifestyle, not a life sentence.

  4. The paleo principle I struggle with is re the healthy fats, especially the nuts.
    How much fat is too much? how many nuts? what type of nuts? activated nuts or not?
    If I add nuts in it is easy to add in a healthy fat but then there is no weight loss. I know in my head that the fats are healthy but my body does not seem to know this! Having been gluten free for a long time before going primal and then paleo I feel much healthier but still have just as much weight to loose as in the beginning which I find very frustrating. I think it must be the fats but know I have to have some. Quantities and guidelines re fat intake on a paleo lifestyle would be a great topic I think.

  5. Hi Julia,

    I would also like info on how much of the healthy nuts and oils is a good amount. I love using these, but would like info about how much is too much. Also, I would like more info on grains and fruit and why or why not to include them.

  6. Hi Julianne. I would be happy to see a blog post about carbs & weight loss – dropping carbs too low seems to be detrimental in the long term for many people, but how then would you address weight loss. Is there a sweet spot? I have 5kg and only seem to start losing it when I go very low carb. cheers. 🙂

  7. The effects of my first Whole 30 in 2012 were incredible – I ate 100% paleo for 30 days and the weight just dropped off me. I was already quite slim (I was doing it more for health/sleep/skin reasons) and actually added more calories to keep weight on. I was also CrossFitting 5 times a week at the time. I then travelled for a while and put weight on. Ever since, I haven’t been able to fully stablise anything – my eating goes a bit up and down, weight goes up and (only a little bit) down and I usually end up kicking myself for not being “strict enough”. I generally eat quite paleo – rarely do I eat bread, rice and pasta but I do like booze and have the odd chocolate binge, and find social “nibbles” difficult situations to manage.

    I’ve wondered why I’ve never been able to achieve the same effects as my first Whole30. I think that I shouldn’t have to eat 100% “clean” (as per Whole 30 standards) to actually achieve weight loss (my current goal). But my very clean paleo stints don’t seem to have the same effects as they used to.

    I read an article/post once on homeostasis and wonder if I’ve just messed with my body too much over the past couple of years and this is perhaps why it clings to weight? Thoughts?

  8. Oh gosh. So many questions I would like answers too (even if answers are available, I often find they’re not particularly applicable to me or my situation).

    Three children. I need a two or three week ‘menu’ which I can recycle (perhaps two; one winter and one summer). I need breakfast ideas (need to be ultra quick and easy), I need lunchbox ideas (think, teenage boy, tween girl, younger boy who eats like a teenage boy). I need snacks for before CFKids and CFTeens. I need quick and cheap dinner ideas (think no husband so no back-up tag-team mate at home; think sometimes away from home from 6:30am (DD who swims) to 8pm (same DD who trains for gymnastics). Think mid-late 40s woman who doesn’t have the energy to think beyond the square. Who was training four or five times a week and taking Vit D, Mg and 5-htp who was still tired and so so so sore. Think major change and now not having the time to WOD, and wondering how the heck she can carve time out for her. Think – what is most important for this woman and her family to know and do, how best can I advise her. Kiwis, so NZ appropriate.

  9. The role of gluten and paleo diet in the origin and maintenance of muscle related pain, is an important topic. This assumes of course that pain can be isolated to muscle, as opposed to the surrounding structures, which is not always straightfoward.Nocioception may come from multiple areas, but is always either inflammatory or mechanical in its basis. Also the role of paleo and the ever increasing burden on osteoporosis from an evidence base. Also for those who may be gluten sensitive/intolerant, the role of those foods that are biochemically similar (Chris Kresser’s website is interesting in this regard).
    Thanks for your comments.

  10. Hi Julianne
    I was given your name by someone you have helped and in desperation turned to your webpage. I have just been diagnosed with auto-immune disease – rheumatoid arthritis and am going through the initial stages of pain, confusion, lack of sleep, waiting for appointments, changing my diet to gluten and dairy free, looking at supplements, and basically learning to deal with this. I have read that omega 3 fish oil helps but there seem to be so many products out there. I don’t want to play hit and miss, I want to reduce this inflammation and pain as quickly as possible. It sounds like Dr Sears Zone OmegaRx has your confidence?

    • Hi Nikki, Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, that sucks. I am doing research at the moment on RA and diet. Diet can make a difference. Two women i have interviewed recently had a massive reduction in pain and inflammation in 2 weeks on the auto-immune paleo protocol. In my research the most effective diet tested clinically is a fruit and vegetable juice fast. (but without citrus or nightshades as these can be inflammatory for some). The auto-immune protocol that gave successfor other RA people is

      All meats, poultry
      All vegetables, including roots – but NOT nightshades (potato, eggplants, peppers (all capsium, peppers, etc) and tomatoes)
      All fruit (some find citrus a problem)
      All healthy fats – olive, coconut,
      Also add gelatine to things like soup. Make soup with very strong bone broth, eg with beef or chicken bones.

      Don’t eat
      Processed foods
      Processed meats
      Nuts and seeds
      seed and nut oils
      legumes including peanuts and soy (tofu etc)
      Alcohol, beer wine etc

      Yes the omegaRx is very good – would recommend

      • Thanks so much for your reply and comments. It is so useful to have a list of do’s and don’ts. I was told however that seeds like quinoa and chia are ok and a good substitute when going gluten free. What are your thoughts on those seeds?

        • Dont have any seeds at all initially – nothing grainlike – all seeds have protective mechanisms to try to avoid digestion and these cause irritation to our gut which causes leaky gut. This isn’t to say you will never be able to eat them – but initially you need to heal your gut – a good book to buy is the Paleo approach by Sarah Ballantyne which is specific for auto-immune disease

  11. Hi Julianne
    Can you give me an article that will give me guidance, to help me live naturally, I have had bariatric surgery and would appreciate some assistance on what you think would be good in my diet to assist my nutrition since being sleeved.

  12. Just wondering about coQ10 as I am on statins- I took some of this and when I undressed at night I was covered in a very bright red rash-bit itchy-is this normal-it wa 300mg

  13. I need some advice on fish oil please, I have really dry skin and I’m taking the fish oli from the super market, is it any good or is it worth buying more expensive ones

  14. Hi. Cant wait to go to seminar. Best thing I would like covered is paleo and fitness training….choices of good carbs for energy!

  15. The hardest part of the Paleo diet I have faced is feeding my husband. As he works hard and is a fussy eater, he is always starving and he loves potatoes in particular. I have tried substituting it with other food. Do you have any suggestions? And for ditching those naughty cravings as well, has been hard for us to overcome as this has been a very big lifestyle adjustment to say the least. One day, one meal at a time 🙂 Since we have made the change to eating Paleo we feel we both have more energy and we just feel a whole lot better, the weight is slowly coming off too as we were at that point where our weight was starting to affect our daily activities. Would love to try Fish Oil and see the benefits of it. Thanks #husband&wifeteam

  16. Hi,
    The best thing I have done to improve my health has been to eliminate Tea and Coffee. Its been four years now and my health has never been better.
    I dont miss it at all .. now I mainly drink cold water

  17. I have recently made a drastic change in my life to ensure that I am regular eating throughout the day and not skipping meals this has huge influence on my energy levels and helps me with not binge eating, or eating foods that are high in sugar for that “fast sugar load” it’s great being able to have a regular patter and have “safe foods” that I make sure I am keeping stocked up. I can’t wait for changes to happen, and so far these have made me not feel so sluggish and gives me more energy with being able to fuel the body.

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