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Dr. Jean Seignalet, Ancestral diet for auto-immune disease – now available in English


I received this today – this is very exciting. I’ve previously done a blog post on Dr Jean Seignalet and the success he had with the ancestral diet he designed for people with auto-immune disease here: Dr. Jean Seignalet, ancestral diet and auto-immune disease trials

There is now an English version covering some of Dr Seignalet’s work.  He had extraordinary success with this diet for auto-immune disease. As Chris explains – it differs from the modern paleo diet. Chris’s response is to my earlier blog post:

Hi Julianne,

Excellent website and excellent blog post. I am a French to English translator and I have translated a guide to the 700 page treatise describing the science behind the diet by. Dr. Jean Seignalet (pronounced “Shon Saynyalay). (The diet described in the video).

Seignalet’s original book had hundreds of diagrams and charts all drawn by him. Each disease has a chapter where Seignalet gives his opinion on what are the genetic and other causes of each disease. I will be translating this book this year. (It will take me all year).

The book I have translated is a short guide to the original book, written by Dr. Seignalet’s daughters (He died of pancreatic cancer in 2003 – yes even doctors who devise miracle diets have to die sometime!) The guide is called “How to prevent and reverse 100 diseases the new French way with Dr. Seignalet’s diet miracle”. It’s available free of charge on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for a limited period or in paperback. The guide explains the science in simple terms and tells you everything you need to know to follow the diet. I am myself a health nut and I did some research and found some interesting information which I put in a separate chapter which you will find near the end of the book. Did you know that nuts, seeds, rice, pulses, quinoa, etc.etc., even the stuff you get labelled “organic” from your local health food shop is routinely sterilised? You don’t want to eat that stuff. In my chapter I tell you where to source REAL foods that have not been heat treated or treated with a carcinogenic (yes really!) solvent.

OK. Here are some points in no particular order:

1. The Seignalet diet IS paleo because it is designed to be what Seignalet describes as our “ancestral” diet. In other words as close as possible to the foods we ate before we became pastoralists and agriculturalists. However, it is also NOT the paleo that we know from American books, blogs etc. It is much more scientific. For instance, cooking meat, fish and eggs at high temperatures is one of the things which Seignalet says really damage the gut. Another difference between the Seignalet diet and the American so called “paleo” diet is that the big emphasis with Seignalet is on the gut lining. According to Seignalet, “modern” foods damage the gut lining and this is the real origin (along the genetic predisposing factors etc..) of nearly all chronic illnesses.

2. You have quoted pretty much everything from a Seignalet blogger. She is Spanish but writes fairly good English so that is why there may a few clumsy phrases in her blog.

3. Seignalet’s daughters have included all Seignalet’s results tables for 95 diseases. These are broken down into 100% remissions, 80/90% remissions, 50% improvements and failures. These tables are a real eye opener!

4. My tip: learn how to make home made sauerkraut and have a table spoonful every day.

Keep up the good work Julianne. I hope you get lots of clients.

Cheers Chris

Dr Jean Seignalet book

Here is a link: http://boutique-seignalet.com/en/on-amazon/13-how-to-prevent-and-reverse-100-diseases-the-new-french-way-with-dr-seignalet-s-diet-miracle.html

and the book on Amazon:

How to prevent and reverse 100 diseases the new French way with Dr. Seignalet’s diet miracle: Obesity/Arthritis/Migraines/Depression/MS/Crohn’s/Diabetes/Fibromyalgia/Acne/Lupus etc.


  1. Thanks Julianne for sharing the info ! I am french and I have dreamed about spreading Seignalet’s work to English speaking people, and it has been done, its great !
    I think both Americans researchers and Dr Seignalet have valuable tools to help us in our healing journeys. Do you know if this book is the traduction of the book in French, or does it contain updates ( because the last version of the french book is not updated, but still very interesting)

    • Both are beneficial for people – but in my experience those with auto-immune disease may not get all the results they can as they both include foods that are problematic for many like dairy.

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