Home Omega 3 Sale – price cut by $10.00 – 15.00 on OmegaRx2 today only

Sale – price cut by $10.00 – 15.00 on OmegaRx2 today only


Further information and purchase here (NZ and Australia sales only)

This is an Omega 3 supplement I can stand by. Many supplements off the shelf in New Zealand have been shown to be oxidised and have less than the Omega 3 EPA and DHA shown on the label. OmegaRx 2 is batch tested for concentration and quality – so this will never happen.

My own experience is that OmegaRx2 is superior to other Omega 3 supplements, and I notice the difference in energy levels and a reduction in inflammation.

The omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, found in Zone OmegaRx, are the essential building blocks for resolving inflammation. Omega-3 fatty helps support the heart health, brain function, behavior and mood regulation, cellular rejuvenation, athletic performance and recovery, and vision.

Why choose Zone OmegaRx2?

  • Purity: Our standards for purity are 18 times more rigid than international standards.
  • Strength: The high strength of omega-3 fatty acids allows you to get a high daily dose of EPA and DHA in just 2 – 4 capsules. Each gram of OmegaRx2 has 750mg EPA+DHA
  • Leadership: Dr. Sears is the leader in the manufacturing and stabilization of high potency and purity omega-3 products. Every batch is tested for purity, strenght and oxidation levels and results are posted online.

Purchase your OmegaRx2 here (Australia and New Zealand only)

All books marked down to clear.
The Zone diet set me on the road to a new life – it reduced inflammation, increased my energy and enabled me to lose weight without hunger.

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  • The OmegaZone, The Miracle of High Dose Fish OIl
  • Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes
  • Zone Meals in Seconds
  • The Anti-aging Zone
  • TheTop 100 Zone Foods
  • What to eat in the Zone
  • A Week in the Zone
  • The Soy Zone

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