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Mikhaila Peterson, her diet and her auto-immune disease – rheumatoid arthritis


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You may be familiar with my research on rheumatoid arthritis and the paleo diet or auto-immune paleo protocol (AIP). I interviewed 10 people who reversed their symptoms using this diet as a strict elimination/re-introduction protocol.

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It was therefore exciting to come across a talk by Psychologist Jordan Peterson on how he changed his diet and health issues resolved. The stimulus to change came from watching his daughter’s health improve dramatically after changing to a diet very similar to AIP that comprised of selected meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Here is the post that triggered my interest and the video clip where he talks about his diet: (Go to 1:11:31, if it doesn’t automatically start there)

Mikhaila Peterson, his daughter, shares her truly amazing journey about her recovery from serious health issues in this interview on SOTT.

Since she was a very young girl, Mikhaila was plagued by rheumatoid arthritis, severe depression and chronic fatigue among other health issues. She was on a cocktail of medications, including antidepressants, immune suppressants and amphetamines, to address her multiple conditions.

Through diligent research and experimentation with a strict elimination diet, she was able to get her health conditions under control.

After having success in this experiment, she put both her father and husband on the same diet, who similarly suffered from health issues, repeating the success.

In this interview Mikhaila shares what she discovered about food and its effects on her arthritis, skin rashes, and depression.

Over on Mikhaila’s blog she shares her journey in a lot of detail:

Don’t Eat that” mikhailapeterson.com

This is what Mikhaila discovered about the food that affected her and food she discovered is safe. This excerpt is taken from her blog post here – (go and read it for the full story)

Safe foods in brief: the foods she started off eating and found are safe are a limited number of meats, fish, organ meat and poultry, plus a limited number of vegetables: mainly greens, turnips, parsnips and sweet potato. Fats – olives, olive oil and coconut oil. Seasonings: salt pepper and leaf herbs (not seed herbs). Apple cider vinegar, and tea.

She did this for several weeks and got huge relief – she states:

“Everything wrong with me was diet related. Arthritis, depression, anxiety, lower back pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, itchy skin, acne, tiny blisters on my knuckles, floaters, mouth ulcers, twitching at night, night sweats, tooth sensitivity, and the list goes on, but everything was diet related. Every single thing wrong with me was fixable.”

“I’ve tried to reintroduce the following and I’ve reacted to them terribly (the bolded ones were the worst but they were all bad):

  • almonds
  • rice
  • sulphites
  • dairy – ouchhhh that was not fun to experience
  • gluten
  • kelp noodles… random I know
  • white cabbage
  • bananas – terrible for the arthritis
  • cane sugar
  • food dyes
  • citrus
  • melons
  • grapes
  • onions
  • zucchini
  • soy
  • probiotics – I can’t handle them, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. Hopefully, after some healing, I’ll be able to handle them too.”

As I said this is only a small excerpt of her post – she goes into more detail on her blog. where she inspires many others to regain their health “Don’t Eat That” at mikhailapeterson.com.

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  1. Thanks for this Julianne. I often watch Dr Peterson’s videos. He is never lost for an answer. Apparently one of his videos was not available on YouTube for a while due to some form of censorship! Must link your post to my brother who is a big fan of his.

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