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The Paleo Challenge

Welcome to the Paleo Challenge.
This is for anyone who wishes to seriously take on changing their eating for the next 4 – 6 weeks.

Check through the rules, make a time to start and than start. (No you don’t have to be this strict forever – but it pays to spend at least 4 weeks totally cutting the junk)

Before you start I recommend you download and fill in the following health questionnaire, and get some basic blood tests: Client health checklist Nov 2011

Blood tests recommended:
Cholesterol profile.
Blood sugar tests – HbA1c and / or fasting blood sugar.
Ferritin and haemoglobin

If your Doctor will let you – get a Vitamin D test, although not related to diet, Vitamin D is essential for health and immunity.

This section is to provide a forum to ask questions, share recipes, and your successes.

Feel free to use this forum to commit to a start date and update us on your progress.