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Sleep, Sun, Exercise


Paleo is not just about food – it is about having all aspects of your lifestyle work for you as a human animal.

Get the sun vitamin: In the winter you need 20 minutes of sun most days to get enough vitamin D. In some places you will not be able to get vitamin D from the sun as it is too low. In the summer less: 5 – 10 minutes, longer later or earlier in the day. If not take 2000iu Vitamin D per day. In summer 5 t0 10 minutes, don’t burn. More on Vitamin D

Vitamin D protects against skin cancer, but irregular burning can increase the risk. Do not burn, get a little sun and often

Sleep: 7.5  – 9 hours per night. Sleep in imperative, lack of sleep will dash your efforts for health and fat loss, and put your body in an insulin resistant state.

Lack of sleep affects mental state, kids look like they have ADHD, adults get irritable and irrational.

Lack of sleep causes you to eat more food, and if you are trying to lose weight, lose more muscle and less fat.

More on sleep: http://paleozonenutrition.com/category/sleep-2/

How to sleep:

  • Go to bed sooner if it is dark.
  • Black out your room, block every bit of light.
  • Use F.Lux on your screen if you are working late
  • Better still use warm soft lights an hour before bedtime (not the new cold lights). Get away from bright screens if they affect your ability to go to sleep.
  • Magnesium is fantastic for most people. I like magnesium chelate or malate. Or you could take a magnesium sulphate bath. (Epsom salts)
  • Coffee – any amount affects sleep, cut it out if you have sleep issues
  • Alcohol – try an alcohol free month, you’d be surprised how much better you sleep
  • Get sun, outside – in your eyes, take your sunglasses off. You need the cues for day and night.
  • Get activity, walk in the sun or outside, or stand at your desk.

Exercise: any exercise is good, add a few short bouts of high intensity exercise – run fast, do some push-ups and squats. Lots of movement like walking and light activity.

You could use Mark Sisson’s programme: it’s a Free EBook

Keep in touch with friends and family: Have real communication with real people.