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Premature ovarian failure in a patient with Sjögren syndrome reversed eliminating gluten, dairy and other foods

Elimination diets are a proven protocol for reducing disease activity in a number of auto-immune diseases. I am currently researching their effectiveness in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). (Elimination diets and rheumatoid arthritis) The paleo diet is a version of an elimination diet, as it removes a number of foods known to  trigger antibodies, for example gliadin […]

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If you feel like you have a permanent cold – it could be dust mite allergy

Recently I’ve been waking up feeling a bit like I’m about to get a cold. At night my nose got stuffy and irritated, in the morning I’d have itchy, puffy eyes, and thick head. However as the day went on, my eyes got better and my nose and head felt normal. Only to happen all […]

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