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Sugar – the most common reason kids get a general anesthetic in New Zealand

The most common reason children get a general anesthetic in New Zealand is to pull out painful rotting teeth, costing the taxpayer $5000.00 per operation. Back in 2012 I worked as the researcher on a programme fronted by Nigel Latta, a popular psychologist in New Zealand, as part of ‘The Hard Stuff’ series. It was […]

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Extracting rotten teeth from children is the no 1 reason for an anesthetic in NZ children

  See this presentation by dentist Rob Beaglehole How much sugar in coke?   This infographic from Gareth Morgan And sadly Coca-Cola entwined in a relationship with our All-Blacks  

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Today’s news item in the NZ Herald, we hear that children are bullied on the social network site Askfm I thought of posting an page of kids I know – 14 and 15 year olds, but no – too close to home – so I went straight to and clicked on a few […]

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How much control do you take of your child’s screen / TV / Text time?

I watched the “Weight of the Nation” yesterday View on YouTube here: Weight of the Nation I heard concerned parents of overweight children complaining about the amount of time they spent online, and how having screen time stopped them doing exercise: Facebooking with their friends, rather than spending real time with people. Playing online games […]

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Want to make your children smarter by two years? Put them to bed earlier

I saw this TV programme last week, where ‘Super Nanny’ Jo Frost had a group of children change the amount of sleep they had to see if it affected their performance. I was astonished at how much the amount of sleep a child impacted on their ability to perform tasks like verbal fluency. Jo Frost: […]

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