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Carbs are Killing You

‘Carbohydrate’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Fat’ no wait ‘Meat kills you’ messages, no wonder we are all confused about nutrition!

I can’t help but be annoyed, saddened, driven nuts by so many conflicting nutrition messages out in the world. I’m not at all surprised people are so confused. Here is just a small selection from high profile Doctors with blogs promoting a particular viewpoint. Carbohydrates ‘kills’ message from Dr Ron Rosedale to prevent metabolic syndrome […]

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Dr Terry Wahls reverses her own Multiple Sclerosis with hunter gatherer nutrition

Auto-immune disease and paleo diets, another truly remarkable story. I couldn’t resist posting this, as I have a thing about the power of diet and auto-immune  conditions. This talk is  inspiring in that Dr Terry Wahls worked out how to reverse her own debilitating Multiple Sclerosis. Dr Wahls was almost completely bed-bound, and is now […]

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MyPlate. Alternatives.

Well the US Food Powers have finally unveiled the much hyped $2 million replacement to the confusing My Pyramid – called My Plate (“after all we eat off a plate not a pyramid”) But wait – Americans don’t use plate anymore The Colbert Report Update- Humour insert: go read Tom Naughton ‘Fat Head’s:  “The […]

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Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint) in NZ Herald

Mark Sissons Primal Blueprint cookbook has made the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s list of 5 worst cookbooks: The Primal Blueprint, meanwhile, “sets back evidence-based nutrition nearly two million years“. It includes “a section of cholesterol-laden recipes for offal – entrails and internal organs”. The Primal diet is a Paleolithic diet – yes the […]

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Weight Watchers finally admits that not all calories are equal

Weight Watchers Finally Accepts Where Calories Come From Matters Too This article comes from Christian Nordqvist at Medical News Today. Around 20 years after Barry Sears (Zone Diet) first pointed out that where a calorie comes from matters because calories from macro-nutrients; protein, carbohydrate and fat each have different hormonal consequences, weight watchers have also […]

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USA Dietary guidelines remain unproven according to new report

The New Zealand guidelines (Ministry of Health Food and Nutrition Guidelines) for a healthy diet closely follow recommended USA dietary guidelines. Here is a recent critique of the research behind the guidelines. In the face of contradictory evidence: Report of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee (click for full report, abstract below) PDF Adele H. Hite, […]

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