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How did Simon Gault lose weight and shrink his pancreas and liver fat? In “Why Are We Fat?”

If you watched the series called “Why Are We Fat?” on Prime TV in New Zealand over the last 3 weeks, you would have followed Chef Simon Gault’s journey as he talked to experts around the world in a bit to find out why we have an epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Note: […]

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Another take on the study that shows a high protein diet leads to more weight gain

Well this study [ Effect of Dietary Protein Content on Weight Gain, Energy Expenditure, and Body Composition During Overeating] has had a lot of press recently, mostly under headlines such as this: Calories, not protein, matter most for fat gain For the current study, researchers led by Dr. George Bray from the Pennington Biomedical Research […]

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