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Vitamin D can cut your risk of flu by half

Have you ever wondered about the seasonal variation in colds and flu’s? Why is influenza seasonal in every country? Given the amount of international travel, why doesn’t the flu hit both hemispheres at the same time? Why do epidemics occur coincidentally at the same latitudes? Where is the virus between epidemics? Have a look at […]

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Summer – it is time to sunbathe at midday without sunblock to get your Vitamin D

Apologies to all our Northern Hemisphere friends. But this is New Zealand, and at last the days are starting to get warm enough to strip down to a t-shirt. The length of our shadows are now shorter than our bodies which means we can now make vitamin D ourselves, simply by letting the sun shine […]

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Is garlic a good remedy for colds and flu?

A recently published study confirms one of our oldest home remedies – garlic improves your immune response to colds and flus. A long time ago, in my 20’s I lived in London and spent time travelling around Europe. I spent a day with a German woman in Spain, who at the time had a bad […]

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Swine flu – Could vitamin D provide your best protection?

According to an article in today’s Sunday Star Times article “Swine flu wave in ‘Yet to Peak’ in New Zealand” – “A SECOND wave of the swine flu pandemic sweeping the country is gaining momentum and is yet to peak. Despite the World Health Organisation declaring the world to be in a post-pandemic phase, that’s […]

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Vitamin D – ideal levels, and how much we should take

Vitamin D is increasingly being recognised as an incredibly important nutrient (actually a pro-hormone) having multiple health benefits. It is also becoming widely obvious that most, if not all people have less than ideal blood levels of vitamin D3 or are outright deficient. This recent article from the New York Times covers the subject well. […]

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It’s Flu Season – How to boost your immunity

Why do some people get lightly touched by a virus, yet others are off work ill for a week or more? Why do viruses spread and affect people far more severely in the winter? With the swine flu scare, and the seasonal increase in colds and flu’s none of us want to be debilitated by […]

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