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Carbs are Killing You

‘Carbohydrate’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Fat’ no wait ‘Meat kills you’ messages, no wonder we are all confused about nutrition!

I can’t help but be annoyed, saddened, driven nuts by so many conflicting nutrition messages out in the world. I’m not at all surprised people are so confused. Here is just a small selection from high profile Doctors with blogs promoting a particular viewpoint. Carbohydrates ‘kills’ message from Dr Ron Rosedale to prevent metabolic syndrome […]

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Sally Fallon Morell, from Weston A Price Foundation – a speaking tour in New Zealand

Sally Fallon Morell, the Author of Nourishing Traditions, is visiting New Zealand and speaking in many centres around the country, as well as talking to Kim Hill on National radio this Saturday 24th March. Not to be missed! I’ve taken this from Nourishing Traditional Diets The Key to Vibrant Health Visiting New Zealand for […]

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Taine Randell

Taine Randell, Maori eating like their ancestors, losing weight, improving health. 60 minutes

Yesterday TV3 had a 60 minutes piece on Maori living in Flaxmere, who have taken part in a 10 week trial eating the way their ancestors did 150 years ago (pre-European) Meat, seafood, fat and vegetables. The result, diabetes reversing, blood sugar dropping and an 8 kg average weight loss in 10 weeks. Ex All […]

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