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Long Hard Road out of Hell or Why Fat Girl went Primal (an inspiring story from

Robb Wolf has just posted a fantastic story of a journey from ill health to wellness, and a nutrition journey that includes the Zone diet and Paleo diet. Told with humour and heart, it gave me goosebumps. Thanks Cheryl for sharing this with Robb (and the world): “Being a little OCD I have a strict […]

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30 Day Paleo Challenge Starts 10th November at CrossFit Auckland with paleo seminar

This is an invitation to take on eating the original human diet for 30 days, challenge yourself and reap the rewards. Why take on Paleolithic eating? The Paleo diet works, you will feel and look younger and avoid the numerous health issues linked with our current diet heavy in agricultural foods (grains, legumes, sugars and […]

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My Mum's lupus / small airways disease improve on paleo diet!

My mother is 78. About 2 months ago she and Dad decided to try paleo eating, after they saw my success. Both my parents have been following a dairy free Zone diet for about 12 years, and taking omega 3 (2500mg day) with great results. It has kept them lean, and kept my father free […]

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Pre Menstrual Syndrome and Menstrual Cramps, how I eliminated them completely

This is my story of how I eliminated these two sometimes debilitating female issues, I hope this will give other women some tools to eliminate them also. I always had pain and cramps with my monthly, in high school a couple of aspirins would usually keep it at bay. In my 20’s I got increasingly […]

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6 Week Paleo trial – results

Back in April I sent an email out to folks on my email news list, asking for Guinea Pigs to try out the Paleo eating for 6 weeks. I know that Paleo eating worked well for me, however I wondered what results others might achieve, especially given most contacts already follow a fairly healthy diet […]

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Veronica Garza

Remission of auto-immune disease, Lupus with Paleo diet

Take a few minutes to watch this inspirational video about the health transformation of Veronica Garza who suffered from Lupus, a nasty auto-immune condition that can affect organs, skin and joints, for which she took a host of medications. When she changed her diet to paleo eating and she lost around 20 kg and more […]

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