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Sugar – the most common reason kids get a general anesthetic in New Zealand

The most common reason children get a general anesthetic in New Zealand is to pull out painful rotting teeth, costing the taxpayer $5000.00 per operation. Back in 2012 I worked as the researcher on a programme fronted by Nigel Latta, a popular psychologist in New Zealand, as part of ‘The Hard Stuff’ series. It was […]

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Extracting rotten teeth from children is the no 1 reason for an anesthetic in NZ children

  See this presentation by dentist Rob Beaglehole How much sugar in coke?   This infographic from Gareth Morgan And sadly Coca-Cola entwined in a relationship with our All-Blacks  

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Sooo.. Coke has a campaign to address the obesity epidemic in New Zealand

New Zealand like the rest of the Western World is getting fatter and sicker, type 2 diabetes is rampant. Coca Cola says they are going to help by providing education and sponsoring sporting activities (free coke after your run?) Perhaps they should show this image: Then give us a run-down on what the clinical research […]

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The appalling ignorance of nutrition by Medical Doctors: Jessie’s story from sickness to health by eating real food.

A little while back Jessie from Australia sent me an email asking to sign a petition to stop the Heart Foundation from promoting margarine and processed food, food that had contributed to her own ill-health: “Hi Julianne, I love your site, eating this way has absolutely changed my life. I was very very unwell and […]

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