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Today’s news item in the NZ Herald, we hear that children are bullied on the social network site Askfm I thought of posting an page of kids I know – 14 and 15 year olds, but no – too close to home – so I went straight to and clicked on a few […]

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Beautiful Art from Animal Guts – Jude Graveson

I live in a pretty cool neighbourhood, there are cuteĀ  cafes with great coffee, organic whole food shops, and a butcher with award winning gluten free sausages and bacon. It also has a beautiful park with a lake, a zoo, and a fair few creative people. One of those is artist is Jude Graveson who […]

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Our Christmas Summer Paleo Party food

The morning after the night before: The night before being our (pre) Christmas Party. After months of bugging from our 15 year old (you guys have been invited out to so many people’s places and you’ve not returned the favour – when are you going to have the party you promised?!) Well last Saturday, we […]

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Talking about Ancestral Health with David Shearer (MP)

Just a quick post to let you know about a couple of interviews with me you can tune into: You can hear me talk more about Paleo eating on the radio. This week I was invited by the New Zealand Labour MP (Member of Parliament) for Mt Albert, David Shearer to talk on his radio […]

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Red meat allergy caused by tick bites

In 2009 I had a client who got physically sick, i.e. vomited and diarrhea whenever she ate red meat. This had not always been the case -she ate eat red meat without issue up until about 2 years previously. She could eat poultry or fish without a problem. She had recently switched to an almost […]

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I received this email today from Patrick who runs Paleo Hacks (if you haven’t discovered this awesome online community of Paleo peeps go there now Patrick has started a new members only Paleo group and is currently signing up new members. So please sign up if you are interested in getting quality collated […]

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