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sources of calories in modern diet

Raw Vegan, Blood Type O, Paleo, Low Carb High Fat Diets – what do they have in common?

Have you experienced enormous benefits from changing your diet? So big that you became a crusader for the plan that changed your life? I was at the Healthy Living Show last weekend giving talks on paleo eating, as well I was on a panel with 4 others taking audience questions on diet related topics. What […]

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Thankyou and Happy New Year

Thankyou First of all – a big thankyou to all those who read my blog posts and take the time to write comments and share your stories. And to those who have donated – I really, really appreciate it – you have no idea what a difference it makes for me. It’s already into the […]

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'The China Study' and 'Forks over Knives', links to critiques

This post is in response to questions I’ve been asked – like “From an academic point of view, how does paleo answer the China study type recommendations?” The China Study has had a number of brilliant critiques, which really provide an answer to this question, far better than I ever could.¬† So I’ve compiled this […]

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MyPlate. Alternatives.

Well the US Food Powers have finally unveiled the much hyped $2 million replacement to the confusing My Pyramid – called My Plate (“after all we eat off a plate not a pyramid”) But wait – Americans don’t use plate anymore The Colbert Report Update- Humour insert: go read Tom Naughton ‘Fat Head’s:¬† “The […]

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Health problems on low fat raw vegan and vegan diets

Health problems on low fat raw vegan and vegan diets

My recent analysis of Harley Johnston’s (30 Bananas a day) aka Durianrider‘s low fat raw vegan diet showed how one person was able to live on a very high fruit diet, and manage to get adequate nutrients (Except of course Vitamin B12 – imperative to supplement if you are vegan to avoid anemia, brain and […]

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‘A Vegan No More’ A moving account of one woman’s choice to eat animal foods after being vegan for 3.5 years

Tasha, who has the blog Voracious and who describes herself as “a food loving, feminist, globe trotting political scientist, with three silly dogs, two spoiled cats, one mischievous¬†horse, and one amazingly sweet husband. I really do love everything about food; thinking about it, writing about it, talking about it, cooking it, and most of all […]

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