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Woman 150lbs 5'6" pear shape

CrossFit and low carb paleo, why isn’t this client losing weight?

Case Study and a challenge for you I’m going to outline a case study, and I’d love to get your feedback as to what you think is the problem and how we solve this weight (or rather FAT) loss problem. This is a case study on a type, rather than one person. I have had […]

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beach (600x338)

How we holiday

It’s summer here in New Zealand. The time we make our annual 3 hours drive northwards for a couple of weeks camping on the beachfront. (This area – the Tutukaka coastline is rated 2nd most beautiful in the world by National Geographic) We live a virtually technology free life. We live with nature, our days […]

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sit stand test

Menopause update. A simple strength test that correlates with mortality

My body has recently gone through a big marker of the aging process and I’m now officially menopausal, this milestone has made me increasingly interested in the state of old age.  When one realises that there are far fewer years left to live than one has already lived, it becomes increasingly important to make them […]

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Psoriatic Arthritis

Paleo reverses Psoriatic arthritis. Paleo seminars January

This comment blew me away when I read it a couple of days ago. It is from Anya, who has an extremely painful auto-immune condition called psoriatic arthritis. “Thanks for a great website it was extremely helpful to me in 2011 when I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis! I just turned 41 and was back […]

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mums 80th (3)

Join a Bone Marrow Register today – you could save a life, like someone saved my brother’s

Have you ever thought of putting your name down on a Bone Marrow Register in order to be a bone marrow donor? If not please take a moment to google ‘Bone Marrow Register + your country’ to find how you can register. @BoyardE tweeted today how Alice Pyne – a 16 year old with terminal […]

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Carbs are Killing You

‘Carbohydrate’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Fat’ no wait ‘Meat kills you’ messages, no wonder we are all confused about nutrition!

I can’t help but be annoyed, saddened, driven nuts by so many conflicting nutrition messages out in the world. I’m not at all surprised people are so confused. Here is just a small selection from high profile Doctors with blogs promoting a particular viewpoint. Carbohydrates ‘kills’ message from Dr Ron Rosedale to prevent metabolic syndrome […]

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