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diet wars 3

Paleo wins google trends in diet wars

Why? It works (just google “disease” + “paleo diet”) and you’ll see people get improvements in almost every modern health condition. Whole9 A- Z testimonials It isn’t guru led (e.g. Zone Diet, Atkins etc.) On diet gurus and fad diets It’s based on science: Multiple scientists are exploring the link between western disease and diet. […]

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supplement guide (2)

Examine.com’s new Reference guide to supplements

I’ve been using Examine.com for some time to check what the studies really say about supplements, not just what the supplement companies hype says. I have found the information incredibly useful and frequently send links to clients who have questions about what a certain supplement might do for their health condition. The list of supplements […]

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flu hospital discharges nz

Vitamin D can cut your risk of flu by half

Have you ever wondered about the seasonal variation in colds and flu’s? Why is influenza seasonal in every country? Given the amount of international travel, why doesn’t the flu hit both hemispheres at the same time? Why do epidemics occur coincidentally at the same latitudes? Where is the virus between epidemics? Have a look at […]

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Non celiac gluten sensitivity – a case study

Non celiac gluten sensitivity is becoming a recognised health condition distinct from celiac disease, but in my observation is not yet recognised by many doctors. This is perhaps because much of the clinical literature is fairly recent. Many people suffer a range of unexplained health problems, often similar to those suffered by celiac patients, for […]

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Paleo Seminar: Auckland July 11th, 6.30 – 9.00pm

Paleo Nutrition Seminar now scheduled:   Auckland: Thursday July 11th 6.30 – 9.00pm. Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd. $45.00 (includes Paleo Guidebook) See this post for more information on Seminar contents: Paleo Seminar To book a place: Contact me by phone or email to book a place juliannetaylor at xtra dot co dot […]

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north and south paleo

Paleo articles in North and South Magazine, New Zealand

The latest issue of North and South is out today. It has several excellent articles on the Paleo diet and lifestyle. There are several articles, all are balanced and provide a good overview of the paleo diet and lifestyle: Graham Adams introduces the paleo lifestyle principles, “Is mimicking the diet and habits of a caveman […]

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