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Are paleo muffins and treats really paleo?

What is a paleo treat? A paleo treat: Take a standard treat (typically unhealthy) and remake it using paleo approved ingredients. With the popularity of paleo we have seen the growth of numerous blogs, many by foodies posting recipes that use paleo ingredients. Large numbers of these recipes are for ‘paleo’ treat foods: muffins, cakes, […]

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Ask.fm – why do you let your kids use this damaging site?

Today’s news item in the NZ Herald, we hear that children are bullied on the social network site Askfm I thought of posting an Ask.fm page of kids I know – 14 and 15 year olds, but no – too close to home – so I went straight to Ask.fm and clicked on a few […]

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NZ Herald article: Switch that sandwich filling (from butter to margarine)

This article was published in the New Zealand Herald today. Here is my very quick response Switch that sandwich filling: study “Replacing the cheese in New Zealanders’ sandwiches with sesame seed paste could help to cut the nation’s rate of heart disease by 10 per cent, a new analysis indicates.” The Otago University researchers calculate, […]

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jess fisk

NZ nutritionist Jess shares the diet that put her Ulcerative Colitis into remission

 By Jess Fisk, NZ Nutritionist. Three years in remission without medication for Ulcerative Colitis, an auto-immune Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Here is a little insight of my journey with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and how I have stayed in remission for 3 years, almost symptom free without any medication. UC is a form of inflammatory bowel disease […]

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coke sugar cubes

Sooo.. Coke has a campaign to address the obesity epidemic in New Zealand

New Zealand like the rest of the Western World is getting fatter and sicker, type 2 diabetes is rampant. Coca Cola says they are going to help by providing education and sponsoring sporting activities (free coke after your run?) Perhaps they should show this image: Then give us a run-down on what the clinical research […]

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diet wars 3

Paleo wins google trends in diet wars

Why? It works (just google “disease” + “paleo diet”) and you’ll see people get improvements in almost every modern health condition. Whole9 A- Z testimonials It isn’t guru led (e.g. Zone Diet, Atkins etc.) On diet gurus and fad diets It’s based on science: Multiple scientists are exploring the link between western disease and diet. […]

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