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TV3 Low carb, high fat diet piece

Paleo diet in New Zealand: Seminars, new blogs, meetup groups…

I’m working on a new post on diet and celiac disease. In the meantime here is an update on the state of Paleo eating in my home New Zealand, and information on seminars and resources. The Paleo Diet is soaring in popularity in New Zealand as it is on other countries, primarily in the main […]

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zonulin 2

Celiac disease: How gluten invades and sets up an auto-immune reaction

Celiac disease: Why your body thinks gluten is a nasty invasive antigen or ‘bug’. And how – if you keep eating gluten a vicious cycle of damage will ensue. In this post I will set the scene for future posts on dietary strategies to treat celiac disease. A number of recent studies have shown that […]

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Low-glycemic (lower carb) diet improves blood sugar, insulin and diastolic dysfunction in type 2 diabetes

Today’s post is just a quick cut and paste. (I’m head down writing at the moment as I’m doing post grad nutrition science papers, currently ‘advanced disease and nutrition’ paper – I’ll be sharing some interesting things I’ve been learning later.) In the meantime this study confirms that a reduced carbohyrate diets is very effective […]

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Paleo meal template (707x1000) (636x900)

My Paleo Plate: A guide to high nutrient balanced paleo meals

My introduction to the paleo world of eating came after I’d been eating a Zone diet for around 13 years. I’d been teaching portion control and based on this template, and found it remarkably successful in acheiving fat loss and blood sugar. However I found the zone block system is rather rigid and dogmatic, and […]

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fish stock

The best fish to eat to preserve fish stock, New Zealand 2012 – 13

In my opinion seafood is one of the best protein foods to eat, high in long chain omega 3 fatty acids, and a great source of minerals such as iodine, zinc and selenium typically low in our soils. However many fishing practices damage the marine environment, deplete fish stocks and have large by-catches of other […]

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sicilian chicken meal

Who says the paleo diet is meat-centric?

Not for me it isn’t. Like many paleo people I eat a lot of vegetables (problably more than your average vegan) Just thought I’d post a pic of my dinner last night: Sicilian Chicken (recipe to come), 100 grams chicken breast (about a palm size = approx 25 g protein) Cauliflower rice, about 1/2 cup […]

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