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Exercise – a powerful medicine that should be prescribed to all patients

Exercise is the medicine that your Doctors should order! “Dunedin sports and exercise medicine specialist Dr Hamish Osborne is challenging New Zealand GPs to start viewing exercise as a powerful medicine that should be prescribed to all patients. Osborne, scheduled to speak today at the Royal New Zealand College of GPs conference in Christchurch, said […]

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6 Week Paleo trial – results

Back in April I sent an email out to folks on my email news list, asking for Guinea Pigs to try out the Paleo eating for 6 weeks. I know that Paleo eating worked well for me, however I wondered what results others might achieve, especially given most contacts already follow a fairly healthy diet […]

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Hashimotos, Auto-immune thyroid disease, avoid gluten like the plague

I see a number of people with Hashimotos or auto-immune thyroid disease. In this disease your body makes anti-bodies that attack the thyroid tissue, these can cause more and more damage to the point where the thyroid is unable to make thyroid hormones. I have Hashimotos, fortunately I am symptomless, and so no treatment is […]

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Pathology or environment gene mismatch? Drew Carey reverses symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

As my age leaps up another year, (my birthday) I’ve been reflecting on how well I am. If I took my current health it would look something like this: Heart profile, blood pressure – excellent. Girly stuff – menstrual issues PMS, non existant. Weight – BMI 20.5. Strength good, (can do at least 15 man […]

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Zone Nutrition Seminar 21st August, CrossFit Auckland, Albany

Zone Seminar this Saturday August 21st, CrossFit Auckland Gym, 402 Albany Highway. Time: 12 – 3 pm Choc full of nutrition information – I am always updating it to give you the best advice and how-tos to maximise fat loss, improve your health and energy levels. Includes information on Paleo food choices. Cost $85.00 (Seminar […]

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Swine flu – Could vitamin D provide your best protection?

According to an article in today’s Sunday Star Times article “Swine flu wave in ‘Yet to Peak’ in New Zealand” – “A SECOND wave of the swine flu pandemic sweeping the country is gaining momentum and is yet to peak. Despite the World Health Organisation declaring the world to be in a post-pandemic phase, that’s […]

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