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Paleo Lifestyle links NZ

General links to products and resources that will improve your quality of life in New Zealand

Water purifying: Take the Fluoride out of your house or out of your drinking water:

Fluoride Master http://www.healthproducts.co.nz/?q=fluoridemaster%E2%84%A

Coconut oil and other gluten-free, organic and fermented products, also natural skin products etc: Harvest whole foods in Grey Lynn, Auckland, huckleberry Farm, Green Lane, Auckland http://www.huckleberryfarms.co.nz/ and IE Produce at 1 Barry’s Point Rd North Shore, and online shop: http://www.ieproduce.com/

Coconut oil and other coconut products online http://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/order-coconut-oil/ and https://www.zenian.co.nz/

Nuts online – A huge range of nuts and nut products, also gluten-free products at good prices. http://nutsonline.co.nz/home.php

Farmers Markets throughout New Zealand http://www.farmersmarket.org.nz/

Gluten Free in New Zealand – links to food shops and other resources http://www.frot.co.nz/dietnet/resources/gluten3.htm

Gluten free Restaurants and Cafes in New Zealand http://www.glutenfreeliving.co.nz/index.php/


Organic fruit and vegetables http://www.naturallyorganic.co.nz/index.php

Great website looking at issues of all things toxic in the New Zealand house : Non Toxic Nest

Diet.net – a huge resource, especially for those following a Weston A Price diet http://www.frot.co.nz/dietnet/resources/wheretoshop.htm

And an excellent article on BPA: The Big baddie BPA