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Zone Diet Basics and links

The Zone diet is designed to control blood sugar and insulin levels, and to control inflammation, this recent study showed it reversed per-diabetes

Pre-diabetes goes into remission on higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet (Zone diet balance)


As a nutritionist it is important for me to add this proviso:

If you try a zone diet and it does not work for you, don’t persist in trying harder or longer.

Please do not change your diet without medical advice, particularly if you are on medication or have health problems which may be affected by a change in diet.

Note that some people do have a ‘reaction’ changing diet and this often occurs in the first 3 weeks, it is typically an adjustment to changes in food, and may be unpleasant, gut changes, headaches, feeling tired and achy, this for some is normal and does not mean the diet is toxic or bad for you. Once adjusted you will feel normal again, if not better. If you do not feel better after an adjustment, this may not be the right way of eating for you.

Zone Diet Basics

Each meal is constructed with a balance of each of the three food groups, protein, carbohydrate and fat.
The better the food quality the better the results.

Yes you can eat any old crappy food in a Zone Balance, however this is not an idea that I nor Barry Sears would subscribe to or recommend.

Paleo food choices work best. Easy – take the top of the pyramid off (grain section) and you’ll get it right. Note: My version of the zone diet is not the same as Barry Sears. While I use the macronutrient ration as a guideline to meals, I am not pedantic about being exact, however it is useful to manage your portions at first if you want to keep control of intake if weight loss is your goal. I do not agree with Sears that organ meats and egg yolks are unhealthy.

I recommend – FIRST – eat quality food;
Second – work on finding a balance and amount that works for you. The Zone diet is a good place to start, but many people need to tweak it.


paleo zone pyramid

How to shop for Zone Foods, Paleo – skip the dairy

Here is a more complete guide to food intake – based on Paleo zone template:

Paleo meal template (707x1000) (636x900)

If you want an easy to understand explanation of the science behind the Zone diet and all the tips you need to put it in practice – this is the booklet to buy:

Zone Tips for New Zealanders. It also comes with a supplement of information and Food guide for Paleo eating:
Zone Shop – to purchase Zone Tips for New Zealanders
www.zonediet.co.nz – go to shop online, New Zealand books section

For a Paleo booklet PDF – simply donate at PayPal donation tab at right and I’ll email you a copy.

Note: the meals in this booklet are not all Paleo and food swaps are recommended. There are a number of Paleo Zone meals included.

Below are some links to Articles and Food Block guides from Barry Sears Zone Diet site.

Zone Diet FAQs

Zone body fat and zone blocks calculator

A Guide to eating out

Zone Classic guide to making meals

Zone Food Block Guide – use to construct meals

Classic Zone Recipes

Zone diet food journal

Please Note: I do not recommend the Zone Fast Meals and the new grain based Zone Products.

Understanding Carbohydrates: glycemic load and nutrient density

“Understanding Eicosanoid Hormones and Inflammation”