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I am based in Auckland Central, New Zealand

Services I offer:

My seminars are primarily a Paleo Diet focus. Food quality is more important the the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat. I see the Zone diet as a useful tool for some people who need help with portion control and getting the protein, carbohydrate and fat balance right for them.

2 seminars are available – either a 1 hour introductory seminar or a 2 or 3 hour Paleo seminar, which gives enough time to cover the basic theory and how-to’s

Seminars are held at CrossFit Albany and in other venues around Auckland.

Next Seminar: Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd, Auckland, July 11th 6.30 -9.00pm

If you wish to hold seminar at your workplace or gym, or book a place in this seminar please contact me (Julianne) on 09 3781573

One on one consultations

in person or over the phone contact me on 09 3781573 or 0800 72 74 72
Cost $100.00 per hour, $50.00 per half hour

Initial consultation, approx 1.5 hours, includes booklet with nutrition information $150.00

Or buy my current booklet Zone Tips for New Zealanders with a Paleo Supplement
Please see this link to Zone Diet New Zealand for more information on current services.


Paleo Nutrition Testimonials from Consultations:

“As a tall skinny person I’d never really worried about not eating healthily. I’d had I.B.S. since late teens I suspect brought on by almost 3 years of constant antibiotic use until I had open heart surgery at 16 years old. So eating a lot of fibre and fruit often caused me problems. However my health was adversely affected by prolonged stress so that I had adrenal fatigue and the start of Hashimoto disease in my early forties.

When I sought help with Julianne I was not sleeping well, both not getting to sleep easily or able to stay asleep the whole night, easily angered, crying and having trouble concentrating and remembering things. I had debilitating PMT and depression and hypoglycaemia. I’d been hospitalised twice for irregular heatbeat. Given that my personality is usually calm, logical and organised I was really struggling in my job.

As an analytical person I had done quite a bit of research into diets etc but it can be so confusing when unwell and when there is so many different opinions. Also I was looking for a quick fix; a supplement or therapy that would “cure” me.

Julianne was very kind, I think I was crying when I turned up because my foggy brain got me lost.

She listened to my worries and concerns and reassured me when I thought it seemed too hard or wasn’t working. I had tried gluten free before but Julianne told me I could feel worse before I felt better and encouraged me to push on. What a great help just to know that!

It’s been just over a year now and I don’t need to get a test for my thyroid, I know it’s better as I can swallow in the morning without pain and I have been in a job as a Manager for nearly 6 months which would have been impossible a year ago. I love not having fat days and being able to think in the afternoon instead of fuzzy thinking.

Sometimes I get lazy with my planning and don’t eat good quality meat or maybe have items with gluten too often but generally my body tells me now, “I need some fresh veggies!”

Julianne’s advice and encouragement from her seminars to her blog and articles she shares on Facebook are all part of my road to health. Julianne has taught me that everyone is different (in what works for them) and if I’m going to change something to stick with it for long enough to see if it is helpful.”



“Hi Julianne

I want to let you know I’ve made a start on eating Paleo and am finding it a lot more simpler than I first thought.  It has been made so easy due to your lovely explanations which I have been able to clearly understand.  Thank you for taking the time to study on this complicated subject but to also being able to help others like me to understand it well and so quickly.

I of course I am still adjusting insulin intake but am finding the whole blood glucose control a lot, lot easier than ever before.Within the last few short days I have already been feeling a whole lot better and actually nourished.  I thought I was ok and managing okay before, but now I realise just how unwell I’ve feeling for most of my life.  Having a good clean out of the pantry and fridge of all harmful grains, seeds, beans, pulses and oils I’ve been eating without knowing they were doing more harm than good, what an enlightening experience.  Without your knowledge and time in talking with me I’m not sure I would have understood it the way I do now.

Again, thank you for your wonderful explanitive help and support.

Kindest regards.


(Irene has type 1 diabetes, and other auto-immune conditions)



Shop Online via the Zone Diet New Zealand website
We have a range of products for New Zealand and Australian Customers including:
Egg, rice and whey protein powders
Dr Sears Omega Rx high quality Fish oil Omega 3
Other brands of Omega 3 (also high concentrate and high purity)
The very popular “Zone Diet tips for New Zealanders” which includes a paleo zone focus.

On its way Paleo Diet tips for New Zealanders

I highly recommend Robb Wolf’s book “The Paleolithic Solution” available from our shop. Buy “The Paleolithic Solution”

You can purchase “The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain from Fish Pond New Zealand