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One on one consultations

Personal consultation with Julianne Taylor, in Auckland or by distance (phone, email, skype)

I am a Registered Nurse and Nutritionist (Grad Cert Science: Nutrition, Massey) I am also a certified Zone Instructor, and I have also extensively studied paleolithic nutrition principles.

An initial session is 1 ½ hours long:

To begin I go through a health questionnaire to find out all your health issues and niggles, we discuss your goals. If you have any blood tests, please bring these with you.

I take baseline measurements and weight.

The I take you through some nutrition principles that will give you the basic understanding of how the food you eat relates to your health issues and will help you achieve your goal – you’ll learn:

  • How food choice impacts on health
  • How to use food to control hunger and keep your blood sugar stable
  • What foods to cut out if you have certain health issues like bloating, IBS, diabetes, or auto-immune issues
  • Meal size and portion control
  • Specific recommendations around workouts or sports
  • What supplements might help for certain health conditions or general health
  • Other lifestyle recommendations
  • I will set out some simple meal ideas based on your personal preferences. This includes guides to portion size and healthiest food choices, and eating around workouts if applicable.

You will also receive the 100 page booklet, Zone tips for New Zealanders, which also includes paleo eating and meal ideas.

This initial 1.5 hour session will give you everything you need to get started on the Zone and/or paleo diet.

Cost $150.00

I recommend short follow up sessions (1/2 hour, cost $50.00) to support your transition to healthy eating.

Consultations are based on $100.00 per hour rate, $50.00 per half hour

Call or email Julianne to make an appointment, 09 378 1573

Clinic: Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland, by appointment.

8 Week support programme

Initial 1.5 hour consultation plus 8 weeks unlimited email / phone / one-on-one support, just $390.00. Make weekly or 2 weekly appointments, ask questions by phone or email as regularly as you need to.

Cost $390.00