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The Paleo diet is eating in in a way that is informed by evolutionary biology, looking to our past to inform our food choices today. It’s like looking at an animals wild and ancient diet to figure out how they would be most healthy.

10 Ways our diets today differ radically from the diet we are genetically suited to.

I personally combine paleo with zone diet portion control and balance.

Do you need to do this – is the the best way of eating for everyone?It’s a bit fussy and difficult to follow the block system and to be honest, my own way of eating is a rough balance now. To begin with I found using this portion control and balance really worked for me to manage my weight and eat the right amount for weight loss. The benefit of zone balance was feeling so good, and having excellent blood sugar and appetite control. It’s a place to start, but if this way of measuring and working out meals drives you nuts – dont persist. It’s not for everyone!

In this section are some really simple meals for either women (3 blocks) or men (4 blocks) based on Zone ratios and portions, using the Zone Block system. The meals also use only paleo food choices.

However to follow Paleo principles you don’t need to use the Zone block system. Many following CrossFit nutrition prescription do use paleo food choices combined with zone portion and balance.

Females generally need 3 block meals and males 4 block meals. Athletes and taller people require larger meals.

Please feel free to send in your recipes so we can add them in.

Here are links to a number of other paleo sites with a large selection of recipes.

Loren Cordain, Author of The Paleo Diet has recipes on his website here

Steve’s Paleo and Zone friendly recipes