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Links to Paleo Recipes

Here are links to a number of other paleo sites with a large selection of recipes.

Loren Cordain, Author of The Paleo Diet has recipes on his website here
Everyday Paleo – www.everydaypaleo.com
Paleo Recipes – www.paleo-recipes.com
The performance Menu recipes
Stupid Easy Paleo
Steve’s Paleo and Zone friendly recipes
Paleo Plan Recipes
https://meljoulwan.com/category/recipes/Paleo / Primal Recipes from Melissa Joulwan
MadCrossFit (Wellington) recipe blog
Paleo zone recipes


Paleo Cook books – you will find many on Amazon and in book stores.

Watch out for recipes which mimic processed foods like cereals and cakes and muffins. They are not paleo.

Just a reminder about Paleo choices – see Paleo Diet Rules