Links to Paleo Recipes

Here are links to a number of other paleo sites with a large selection of recipes.

Loren Cordain, Author of The Paleo Diet has recipes on his website here
Everyday Paleo –
Paleo Recipes –
The performance Menu recipes
Live Primal recipes
Tasty Paleo
Steve’s Paleo and Zone friendly recipes
Paleo Plan Recipes
Sweet Cheeks Paleo Recipes
Paleo / Primal Recipes from Melissa Joulwan
MadCrossFit (Wellington) recipe blog
Paleo Eats, from cave to table

Paleo Cook books

Paleo Comfort Foods (Not all perfectly paleo, but some good recipes, swap or leave out any foods not paleo like dairy and peanut oil etc. Check the Paleo food list if not sure.)

Here is a link to The Zone Website Recipes:
These are NOT necessarily Paleo – so please replace any food that is a grain, legume, or dairy with Paleo food choices.
Just a reminder about Paleo choices – see Paleo Diet Rules

Classic Zone Diet Recipes