Chicken Soup
About 250 – 300 mls of vegetable soup, make your own or buy chilled soup (no lentils, legumes or potatoes)
3 oz (90g) leftover cooked chicken (4 blocks use 4 oz or 120g) chopped or shredded Mix into soup
Heat and eat
1 piece fruit

Simple Salad Lunch Box
3 oz (90g) lean cooked meat (4 block -4 oz or 120g)
Large mixed salad, include 1/2 cup cold diced kumara or other starchy veg like pumpkin (a bit more for 4 block)
lemon juice and olive oil dressing (put on when ready to eat)
1 small fruit (optional)

Left overs
Any dinner can be made extra and re-heated for lunch e.g.
Sitfry – chicken, beef, pork etc, 90g (3 block) 120g (4 block)
Lots of non-starch colourful veggies cooked, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, seasonings.

Super quick Bacon and Egg Pie.
Make this and cut in portions for several lunches, makes about 5 x 3 block meals, or 4 x 4 block meals (protein)
Bacon: 6 rashers, use nitrite free, free range if possible (Freedom Farms)
10 eggs
1 large onion chopped

Cook bacon and onion, cut bacon into pieces.
Place in quiche dish.
Break eggs on top and pierce yolks, season with pepper etc
Bake for about 1/2 hour in oven until eggs are cooked through.

Eat cold or heat, have with a large mixed salad and small piece of fruit.

Tuna and egg salad

Small can of tuna in water – about 80 – 100 grams net
1 – 2 hard boiled eggs
2 tomatoes
Celery stick, cucumber (and any other salad veggies of choice) chopped
Lettuce or spinach salad – as much as you want
Parsley – fresh chopped to taste.

olive oil and lemon juice dressing ( 1 tsp olive oil)