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Paleo basics and links

Our diet today bears little resemblance to the diet of our ancestors. Professor Loren Cordain distinguished a number of key differences between today’s diet and the diet we thrive on genetically. Dr Cordain’s research shows that disruption in these underlie much of the chronic diseases in the Western World.

1. The Glycemic Load-the ability of food to spike or elevate blood sugar / insulin levels, we eat too many high GI foods
2. The Fatty Acid Balance– the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, our diets are now very high in Omega 6 and low in Omega 3
3. The Macronutrient Balance-the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat has changed, we eat an excessive carbohydrates
4. The Trace Nutrient Density – the amount of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals in the food we eat is very poor
5. The Acid/Base Balance -every food reports to the kidneys as either acid or base, we now have a high acid load diet
6. The Sodium/Potassium Balance – We eat far too much sodium and too little potassium
7. The Fibre Content – we eat a fibre poor diet
8. The addition of large amounts of Neolithic / gut irritant foods that did not exist in our diets in Paleo times.

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“10 Ways our diet today differs radically from the diet that best suits our genes”

See this article by Loren Cordain:

The Nutritional Characteristics of a Contemporary Diet Based Upon Paleolithic Food Groups

Websites with useful tools and resources.

(Note: these are the websites from people who have the most trustworthy paleo information. There may be some points which I may agree wholeheartedly with) There is a great deal of paleo and good nutrition information available – see my complete blog roll for more.

Prof. Loren Cordain’s website The Paleo Diet Website (and ‘The Paleo Diet’ by Loren Cordain is available in New Zealand from Fishpond)

The Perfect Health Diet – Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet

Chris Kresser L. Ac

Whole 9, Whole 30 challenge – Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

That Paleo Guy; Jamie Scott, a New Zealand Nutritionist and researcher

Robb Wolf; The Paleolithic Solution, the tools and FAQ section are very useful

Mark’s Daily Apple; The Primal Blueprint; Mark Sisson

Gnolls, JS Stanton  well researched paleo / nutrition topics

PrimalMedEd; Anastasia Boulais

Evolutionary Psychiatry; Dr Emily Deans