Success Stories

The 6 week Paleo Trial in New Zealand with 20 people has finished, with amazing progress in health and weight loss. E.g most have lost 4 – 6 kg in 6 weeks, and are thrilled with how much better they feel.

Paleo trial results – stunning – blog post here

Further Paleo results from my clients include stories on remission of auto-immune diseases, lupus and HLA-B27 arthritis.

Paleo Results on this blog

Here is my own success story

Loren Cordain gets a large number of people writing to him with their results and health improvements.

You can see them on The Paleo Diet website.


Whole 9 Life have a testimonial page with many success stories:

Paleo testimonials (Whole30)

Robb Wolf also has many on his blog:

Robb Wolf testimonials

From Mark’s Daily Apple:

Marks Daily Apple Success Stories

Perfect Health Diet

Perfect Health Diet: Readers results


For Testimonials for the success of the Zone Diet with NZ clients see Zone Diet Testimonials
My observation is that the Zone is far more successful when people use most favourable / Paleo food choices: lean meats and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats, and cut out the less favourable foods – processed meats, grains especially wheat, and bad fats.

New Zealand Paleo success stories – blog links

Richard Beddie’s 30 day paleo result