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sources of calories in modern diet

Raw Vegan, Blood Type O, Paleo, Low Carb High Fat Diets – what do they have in common?

Have you experienced enormous benefits from changing your diet? So big that you became a crusader for the plan that changed your life? I was at the Healthy Living Show last weekend giving talks on paleo eating, as well I was on a panel with 4 others taking audience questions on diet related topics. What […]

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I’ll be speaking at the Healthy Living Show in Auckland this weekend

This weekend in Auckland – New Zealand’s first Healthy Living Show will take place. There will be a huge range of businesses displaying and demonstrating their health products, and health practitioners and speakers of many different persuasions speaking. I have been asked to talk about the Paleo diet. I’ll be giving two talks: The Paleo […]

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Off to Siberia!

Zone Nutrition Services from 14th Sept – 14th Oct 2012 Yes – for real – I (Julianne) am off with my family to Russia and Europe for 4 weeks. We are taking our children back to visit their birth place in Siberia (Novokuznetsk). We are also spending a little time in Europe. As a result […]

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