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How much protein should I eat? Protein & fat amounts in fish, meat, eggs, poultry

Protein is absolutely essential. It supports numerous functions in our body; immune system, anti-oxidants, growth, fertility, intestinal integrity, neurotransmitters, enzymes, repair, maintenance and function of all organs and tissue including bone. Protein is also very important for appetite regulation. Here is an overview of critical functions: (Amino acids: metabolism, functions, and nutrition. Wu,G) Having adequate […]

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Yet another new study shows weight loss doubles on a higher protein diet.

A recent Australian Study found increasing protein to about 30% calories on a calorie reduced diet, resulted in greater weight loss and better appetite control. Sigh. I noticed this effect 16 years ago when I started the Zone diet, and have been teaching it for 14 years or so. Yep it does work, amazing that […]

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Another take on the study that shows a high protein diet leads to more weight gain

Well this study [ Effect of Dietary Protein Content on Weight Gain, Energy Expenditure, and Body Composition During Overeating] has had a lot of press recently, mostly under headlines such as this: Calories, not protein, matter most for fat gain For the current study, researchers led by Dr. George Bray from the Pennington Biomedical Research […]

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Eggs could benefit type 2 diabetics on a high protein (Zone) diet

Egg consumption as part of an energy-restricted high-protein diet improves blood lipid and blood glucose profiles in individuals with type 2 diabetes (British Journal of Nutrition) This Australian study was specifically designed to test whether eating eggs and extra cholesterol had any effect on coronary heart disease (CHD) markers and blood sugar control in people […]

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