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Weight loss on the paleo diet – a guide to portion control

Is there a need to control portions on the paleo diet?  There are a number of ways paleo eating is taught with respect to weight loss, and most are successful, but what if you aren’t getting the fat loss you would like? How paleo for weight loss is taught: 1. Eat clean (i.e. paleo food) […]

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Paleo meal template (707x1000) (636x900)

My Paleo Plate: A guide to high nutrient balanced paleo meals

My introduction to the paleo world of eating came after I’d been eating a Zone diet for around 13 years. I’d been teaching portion control and based on this template, and found it remarkably successful in acheiving fat loss and blood sugar. However I found the zone block system is rather rigid and dogmatic, and […]

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