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My current view of the Zone diet

I got this question on via Twitter a couple of weeks back: “How are you a Paleo AND Zone nutritionist when they have some major differences on what they allow as part of the diet?” As you may have noticed my blog is called Paleo Zone. The Zone bit refers to the Zone diet. It’s […]

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Ancestral Health Symposium: lots of useful links

I’ve started writing a couple of posts. I’m particularly interested as a nutritionist, in the application of some of the science I heard at ancestral nutrition. In the meantime, I’ve been jumping all over the internet / blogging world getting trapped into reading one fascinating post after another, most from the amazing smart folks who […]

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'The Paleolithic Solution' By Robb Wolf, A Review

In May 2009 I discovered the paleo diet and Robb Wolf. The paleo diet was pivotal in improving my health. Robb’s blog became a source of information and inspiration. I’ve devoured his blog posts and listened to every podcast. I also read The Paleo Diet books and articles by Loren Cordain. I wondered if there […]

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Long Hard Road out of Hell or Why Fat Girl went Primal (an inspiring story from Robbwolf.com)

Robb Wolf has just posted a fantastic story of a journey from ill health to wellness, and a nutrition journey that includes the Zone diet and Paleo diet. Told with humour and heart, it gave me goosebumps. Thanks Cheryl for sharing this with Robb (and the world): “Being a little OCD I have a strict […]

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"Why I Hate Nutritionists" (by a type 1 diabetic who failed to control blood sugar following diabetes nutritionist advice)

Why I Hate Nutritionists By Psycho Milt NO MINISTER blog (http://nominister.blogspot.com/) “My wife pointed out to me a bit in the Sunday paper yesterday about cooking for guests with special dietary requirements, among which was diabetes (I’m a type 1 diabetic, ie the insulin-injections one). Apparently, if you’re cooking for a diabetic, no foods are […]

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