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Fat, heart disease, cholesterol and statins – must watch documentaries from Australia

Saturated fat has been vilified for years, and if we want to reduce our cholesterol and therefore our risk of heart disease we should ban it from our diets. Statins are the biggest selling drug in history – but are they saving lives? Cardiologists and other medical experts challenge the concept that saturated fat causes […]

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NZ Herald article: Switch that sandwich filling (from butter to margarine)

This article was published in the New Zealand Herald today. Here is my very quick response Switch that sandwich filling: study “Replacing the cheese in New Zealanders’ sandwiches with sesame seed paste could help to cut the nation’s rate of heart disease by 10 per cent, a new analysis indicates.” The Otago University researchers calculate, […]

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Beef and butter, a bad combination for your heart?

In this interesting study – beef was eaten with either saturated fat from dairy or monounsaturated fat, in the context of a low carb diet. Blood lipids were measured to see what difference the fat type made. In nutrition studies we used to hear all about saturated fat, and the positive effect of low saturated […]

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mat lalonde AHS 2013

Mat Lalonde PhD. organic chemist, talks about scientific evidence and the paleo diet

The Livin Low Carb Show, Jimmy Moore Interview with Mat Lalonde PhD. I’m a big fan of Mat Lalonde, whom I consider an exceptional scientist. He has an extremely good seminar series on the science behind Paleolithic eating. He critically evaluates nutrition science studies to come to his own conclusions with respect to Paleo eating, […]

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New USDA Nutrition Guidelines do not match current research

A recent opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times questions the new USDA dietary guidelines – especially in light of recent studies showing (see my previous articles for these studies): 1. Saturated fat is not associated with heart disease as previously thought. 2. Excess refined carbohydrates increase your risk of heart disease. 3. Eating red […]

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Carbs against Cardio: More Evidence that Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart

From Scientific American “Eat less saturated fat: that has been the take-home message from the U.S. government for the past 30 years. But while Americans have dutifully reduced the percentage of daily calories from saturated fat since 1970, the obesity rate during that time has more than doubled, diabetes has tripled, and heart disease is […]

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