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Vitamin D can cut your risk of flu by half

Have you ever wondered about the seasonal variation in colds and flu’s? Why is influenza seasonal in every country? Given the amount of international travel, why doesn’t the flu hit both hemispheres at the same time? Why do epidemics occur coincidentally at the same latitudes? Where is the virus between epidemics? Have a look at […]

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Summer – it is time to sunbathe at midday without sunblock to get your Vitamin D

Apologies to all our Northern Hemisphere friends. But this is New Zealand, and at last the days are starting to get warm enough to strip down to a t-shirt. The length of our shadows are now shorter than our bodies which means we can now make vitamin D ourselves, simply by letting the sun shine […]

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A high dose of Vitamin D reduces menstrual cramps significantly

Once upon a time I suffered ghastly menstrual cramps. The sort of ghastly that with every wave of cramps, I would have a bout of intense nausea that usually resulted in me hanging over the toilet. If I took enough regular ibuprofen, I was usually okay, it was manageable. Mine was primary dysmenorrhea – that […]

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I chat to Jimmy Moore on LLVLC show

Here is a link to my chat with Jimmy – a wonderful host and such an easy person to talk to. Jimmy Moore, Julianne Taylor interview http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/5505/521-paleo-and-zone-nutritionist-julianne-taylor/#comments I talked about a number of topics: Why food quality is critical and trumps low carb or macronutrient ratios (e.g. Zone Diet) “Carb Sweet Spot”, my views on […]

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Hypercalciuria and Kidney stones: A paleo compatible solution

This post follows up from the previous one: A dietician's prescription for kidney stones, what do you think? Here is a brief outline of the solutions for the man with the high urinary calcium. Firstly – no, he did not start eating wholegrain bread in order increase phytates to bind with calcium in his gut. […]

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A dietician's prescription for kidney stones, what do you think?

This is a case study, still not solved completely yet, a person on my life, not a client. The case in hand, a 54 year old male. A fairly healthy person, on no medications, to date no abnormal blood tests (except slightly high LDL and total cholesterol), fit, eating a close to a paleo diet, […]

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