About Me

I’ve been fascinated by nutrition and the difference it can make to people’s health since the day I changed from eating a standard healthy diet to the Zone diet in 1996, adding Paleo food choices in 2009. Not only did it change my health, it changed my career direction. I had been working in health related areas for many years, (first as a registered nurse and then as a designer of equipment for people with disabilities, I have a graduate and post grad Diploma in Design for disability) and was looking for a change in direction. My interest in nutrition was sparked, and became a Certified Zone diet instructor. I have since studied nutrition at Massey University (to degree level). A year ago I started working with CrossFit clients at CrossFit Auckland where I was introduced to Paleo eating. After reading “The Paleo Diet”  and numerous articles on Loren Cordain’s website I needed no more convincing. I had to try out this way of eating. This was indeed the missing link for me. Even though the Zone diet reduced most of my health issues; PMS, menstrual pain, reactive hypoglycemia and occasionally swelling knees, I also lost weight and gained more energy. However, these issues were not completely resolved and would come and go. Eating Paleo food choices was the missing link , all health problems went and they stayed away!

I love the Zone diet because it gave me the first taste of the dramatic difference diet could make. By getting macronutrient ratios and portion correct, and balancing omega 3: 6, I had a diet template that I could eat and know I wouldn’t gain weight, I felt energized and had stable blood sugar.

I love Paleo food choices because they dealt so completely to my niggling health issues, and the science – eating as we were genetically designed to -not only makes sense, it works, and not just for me, for everyone else I know who has shifted to Paleo food choices. My story can be found here ‘My Nutrition Journey: From the average New Zealand diet, to vegetarian, food pyramid, Zone and Paleo’.
And here is me as Cover Girl in a Sunday Star Times article on Diets
This blog reflects my learning and what works for myself and the clients I work with. I love helping people and passing information on.

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