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UK doctor saves government £45K by using low carb diet to treat type 2 diabetes

Dr David Unwin, a general practitioner (GP) in England has recently been named ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the national NHS Leadership Recognition Awards 2016. Dr Unwin, who practices at the Norwood Surgery in Southport, spent three years working on a project combining the benefits of a low carb diet with psychological support to help […]

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Fat, heart disease, cholesterol and statins – must watch documentaries from Australia

Saturated fat has been vilified for years, and if we want to reduce our cholesterol and therefore our risk of heart disease we should ban it from our diets. Statins are the biggest selling drug in history – but are they saving lives? Cardiologists and other medical experts challenge the concept that saturated fat causes […]

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Men: Statins could be killing your mojo (and wrecking your brain and muscles)

I dislike statin drugs! You know – those ‘miracle’ pills that it seems like every doctor and cardiologist prescribes so that you won’t get that heart attack you are destined to, as a result of your high cholesterol. The drugs that it was suggested should be handed out at McDonalds, or put in our water […]

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