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fat vs muscle woman transformation

Your BMI – is it fat or muscle? Surprising pictures – your weight has little to do with your body fat

Here is a compilation of body images to (hopefully) shock you into exercising, especially if you are older. And – if you already are, give yourself pat on the back. Did you know that after the age of 30 – you lose 250 grams per year of muscle and gain 500 grams of fat? (reference) […]

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David Shearer tempted to eat Paleo, Jacko Gill's workout

This post isĀ  a bit of a round-up of Paleo and Primal nutrition and lifestyle here in my little home country of New Zealand Jacko Gill, athlete – shot put, just 16 years old has qualified for the Olympic games. In New Zealand – a country of just 4 million, we revere sports stars who […]

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