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Great results last 30 day Paleo challenge. Next one starts 23rd Feb, Auckland

If you haven’t yet taken the leap – it’s time don’t you think? Here’s what happened for three participants in last year’s 30 day Paleo challenge: Sarah Weight loss: 6.7kg, Hips: lost 12 cm, Waist: lost 5cm “Paleo eating has totally transformed the way I think about food and eating. Once I got my head […]

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'The Paleolithic Solution' By Robb Wolf, A Review

In May 2009 I discovered the paleo diet and Robb Wolf. The paleo diet was pivotal in improving my health. Robb’s blog became a source of information and inspiration. I’ve devoured his blog posts and listened to every podcast. I also read The Paleo Diet books and articles by Loren Cordain. I wondered if there […]

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"Why I Hate Nutritionists" (by a type 1 diabetic who failed to control blood sugar following diabetes nutritionist advice)

Why I Hate Nutritionists By Psycho Milt NO MINISTER blog (http://nominister.blogspot.com/) “My wife pointed out to me a bit in the Sunday paper yesterday about cooking for guests with special dietary requirements, among which was diabetes (I’m a type 1 diabetic, ie the insulin-injections one). Apparently, if you’re cooking for a diabetic, no foods are […]

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