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Auckland Women: 12 week exercise and nutrition programme at CrossFit Auckland

Crossfit Auckland for Women

If you are looking for a programme to get you strong, toned and fit, and strip that excess body fat – this is it.

3 days a week you’ll be doing a scheduled exercise programme with a group of only women. It’s incredibly varied and gets your cardio-vascular system going, it works every muscle in your body in a holistic way, so much more effective than a typical gym workout where you work one muscle group at a time. And it’s fun and challenging. You’ll get expert coaching from Alex and Lisa.

The programme kicks off with the Zone Nutrition Seminar, where I will go through a ton of nutrition information and you’ll work out a meal plan based on Zone principles (getting your protein, carbs and fats in the right portions and balanced to promote stable blood sugar and fat loss) together with choosing the healthiest foods – the ones that your body thrives on, and will help you attain maximum health.

The programme also includes before and after body composition measurements so you’ll see the progress you’ve made.

During the 12 weeks you will also have nutrition one-on-ones to make sure you’re on track and make sure your plan is tweaked to suit you and your health goals and lifestyle.

The total cost is just $900.00 (you save over $300.00 if you get this package)

Programme starts with Seminar Satuday18th September 12 – 3pm

Class times: 6am Tuesday & Thursday, 7am Saturday – from 21 September
(12wk programme concludes 11th December just in time for Christmas!)

Have a look here for more programme details, how to register and CrossFit Women testimonials. CrossFit Auckland Women’s 12 week programme.


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