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30 Day Paleo Challenge Starts 10th November at CrossFit Auckland with paleo seminar


This is an invitation to take on eating the original human diet for 30 days, challenge yourself and reap the rewards.

Why take on Paleolithic eating?

The Paleo diet works, you will feel and look younger and avoid the numerous health issues linked with our current diet heavy in agricultural foods (grains, legumes, sugars and dairy). Nutrition is the foundation on which to build a strong and healthy body. Every cell, enzyme and hormone is created from the nutrients you eat. Every intercellular reaction, hormonal communication, the conversion of food to energy to fuel muscles, brain and nerve cell function, your digestion and gut function, depend on the right nutrients to function at their very best.

I’ve had an interest in Nutrition for the last 20 years and have been teaching nutrition principles for the last 13. In all my years as a nutritionist I have not found a dietary programme that surpasses the results I’ve personally achieved eating paleo nutrition. And not only for me; a number of client volunteers recently tested this for 6 weeks and the results were astounding.

Why Paleo nutrition is the very best way to eat:

  • It provides the entire range of high quality nutrients at ideal levels required for your body to function at its peak – the best carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, micronutrients and fibre.
  • It provides the highest nutrient content possible for any diet.
  • It provides essential fatty acids in the correct ratios for maximum brain and nerve cell function, heart health, recovery after exercise, and reduction of inflammation.
  • It removes foods that have anti-nutrients – gut damaging, inflammation promoting and auto-immune triggering foods

Numerous studies and my own client results have shown Paleo eating to be the best:

  • It improves all the markers of aging and inflammation (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and C reactive protein)
  • Auto-immune conditions, such as arthritis, lupus, asthma and multiple sclerosis are reduced or put into remission
  • Skin problems like acne, rocacea, psoriasis and eczema disappear or reduce
  • It the easiest way to control appetite, eliminate cravings and lose body fat
  • It maximises athletic performance and speeds recovery after exercise
  • It heals the gut and reverses gut issues like reflux, indigestion, bloating, and IBS
  • No more low energy or brain fog

For the first time at CrossFit Auckland we are offering a Paleo challenge

Bring your family, friends and yourself, don’t wait until the New Year to get the health and body you want – start now!

Would you like to Participate? Book with me – Julianne 09 3781573, or email me julianne@zonediet.co.nz

It starts with a 2 hour seminar on Wednesday November 10th at 6.30 pm, CrossFit Auckland, Gate 3, 402 Albany Highway: Paleo principles, what to eat, Q & A, plus a Paleo booklet.

Fill in a health questionnaire, take your measurements and weight.

Then: 1 hour (approx) meetings each week for the following 3 weeks, further information will be based on issues and questions arising during the week.

Final week: Recheck you stats, to see what has changed

Cost: A miniscule $60.00 introductory price because it’s the first time we’ve held this course!

Testimonials / Results from the 6 week trial:

Kathy, Age 56
Weight loss: 99kg to 94kg, Waist: 106 to 101. Hips: 118 to 114cm
Blood pressure: 130/90 to 110/80, Total cholesterol: 7.8 mmol/L to 6.0

The eating plan is going really well. I feel fantastic! This is the first time I’ve given up grains entirely and it obviously suits me. I have lost a lot of the puffiness in my hands, ankles, neck, and the bloating in my abdomen. My arthritis is much better and I have more energy. I’m much better emotionally.

My Doctor is very very pleased (especially with the BP) and wants me to continue.

My doctor also said she saw a vast improvement in the condition of my skin. She said I looked as if I had had a facial – my previous red blotchy appearance has improved, and my skin has plumped up and some of the lines have disappeared. My friends have all noticed the difference and I’ve had lots of compliments.

Peter, Age 51,
Weight: 83kg to 77kg, Waist: 93 cm to 85 cm

What an experience it has been so far. My weight has dropped from 83 to 77kg, I got on the scales this morning and could hardly believe it. I had been adjusting my belts in but had no idea it was so much. My energy has picked up and my bloated tummy is flat. My digestion is running like clockwork now. I generally feel better, my thinking is sharper and I feel more calm and relaxed. My hip has improved a lot so long as I stay off wheat products.
This has been a life changing event.

Julie, Age 62
Weight loss: 72.2kg to 69.6kg, Waist: 84cm to 80cm

I went on the Zone diet with you some years ago with good results – lost 13 kilos and got down to 72kg where I stayed. In the last 6 weeks my weight has dropped to 69.6kg, but my trainer said from body fat calliper measurements, I have got quite a lot leaner, and have put on 2 kg of muscle.

Other changes noted have been that I am doing harder workouts and seem to recover faster – leg-pressed 200kg today – two sets of 12, and that’s a first for me – okay for a 62 year old!

Not bloated either – much flatter stomach, and generally more energy. The hardest bit of my day was always late afternoon, when I craved sweet things, but that’s much less now.

So I’m sold and my trainer’s delighted!

Therese, Age 31
Weight: 83 to 78kg, Waist: 90cm to 83cm, Blood pressure: 134/65 to 120/70

The Paleolithic Diet is challenging: to your food habits, your routines and your social circle. Despite this I plan to continue eating this way. After a month my sweet cravings disappeared. I’ve changed shape and dropped at least 2 sizes. My performance in the gym and in general daily activity is improving all the time, and I recover much quicker from exertion and stress. I feel mentally active all day, I don’t feel tired or bloated after lunch and I only eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored, tired or stressed. This was a fantastic opportunity to try something different, and having lived without grains, legumes and dairy products for the past 6 weeks, I find that I don’t miss them at all. I’m much more aware of my body’s response to food and I am not in a hurry to add these things back into my diet. I would recommend anyone to try this out, for at least 6 weeks. It might turn out to be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

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